Bus and Truck Collision

In November 2011, I passed by a bus and a truck that collided resulting into severe damage on both.

Bus and Truck Collision


Having traversed the municipalities of Paete, Kalayaan, Lumban, Pagsanjan, Sta. Cruz, Victoria, and Calawan and reaching to the town of Los Banos, Laguna I passed by this accident that had happened around more than an hour before I arrived.

There were no indications of fatalities but a severe damage on both vehicles are obvious.

In this kind of incident, it conveys a purported recklessness on either of the two drivers.  If they have taken soberness in driving they would have been spared from this unfavorable situation.

Life is precious be careful.  Others need you.



Derailed Tricycle, an Accident

In August 2011 we were going home from an after activity with the group of young people.  Up the winding road between Pagsanjan to Luisiana, Philippines we witness from our own eyes this incident.

We were following this tricycle and upon the curve, the driver pressed on the accelerator to put a push on his ride when the force made the imbalance and continuously derailed from the road.  Fortunately, there was a barrier that stopped them from falling to the ravines.  There was a woman on board.



We stopped to lend a help but there were enough people to pull the tricycle from the roadside.

Witnessing what had happened reminds me that an accident can really happen anytime in any place.  The good thing here was no vehicles in the opposite lane.  If there was surely it hit the smaller ride and would have brought a fatal head-on clash.

Derailed because of imbalance and not the fault of the driver but it’s the power exerted due to the acceleration engaged within the engine.



Injury over Face and Body

This incident happened in a motorcycle accident along the Caliraya road sometime in 2011.  There were three of them and this was among the severely injured.

Can we get rid of this kind of happening?  Yes, if we cannot prevent it we can control the severity of the injury.

The reason why this injury is severe was that there were no helmets worn.





Almost Completely Amputated Finger

This almost completely amputated finger may have been crushed by an iron part of the motorcycle in an accident that happened on July 27, 2013, at Caliraya dam, Lumban, Laguna.

Almost Completely Amputated Finger-accident

In riding a motorcycle accident is more prevalent than having the four wheels.  Just be careful, for life is precious.

Learn from the tips to avoid accidents by Wikihow




Fractured Bone

An accident these people will never forget because of the scars on the skin and a fractured bone.  How could anyone be spared from this kind of incident?


Fractured Bone-accident



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