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Automotive Voltage Regulator

Automotive Voltage Regulator Function An automotive voltage regulator is an intermediary between the alternator and the battery. It regulates or maintains a constant output voltage despite variations in the input voltage, thus, the constant supply from the alternator to the battery. The alternator usually produces more than 15 volts when the car is running and … Read moreAutomotive Voltage Regulator

Why Engine Doesn’t Start

You wanted to start your engine but it doesn’t. Why? There are several factors you would consider. Let’s see what your engine’s problem. 1. When you turn on the key and your dashboard lights are normally functioning I guess you have no electrical lines busted. If your car’s dashboard is working properly this can help … Read moreWhy Engine Doesn’t Start

You Need Not Overhaul Transmission-Problematic Shifting

At first, I noticed the first gear is so stiff to engage but I ignored it for quite a long time.  Then comes the next the fourth gear became so obvious. Then after how many weeks the shifting is so abnormal that engaging the first gear goes to the third gear and from first gear … Read moreYou Need Not Overhaul Transmission-Problematic Shifting