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Liquid Cooling System Parts

Cooling System Parts  The cooling system is designed to remove heat from the engine to keep the engine operating in the optimal temperature range. Without the cooling system of a vehicle, it would run but it will not stay long. When the engine is overheated the head gasket will be burned, the valve seals will … Read more Liquid Cooling System Parts

Automotive Voltage Regulator

Automotive Voltage Regulator Function An automotive voltage regulator is an intermediary between the alternator and the battery. It regulates or maintains a constant output voltage despite variations in the input voltage, thus, the constant supply from the alternator to the battery. The alternator usually produces more than 15 volts when the car is running and … Read more Automotive Voltage Regulator

Why Engine Doesn’t Start

You wanted to start your engine but it doesn’t. Why? There are several factors to consider. You may have electrical issues, weak battery, motor starter problem, and heater switch problem. Let’s see what your engine’s problem is. 1. When you turn on the key and your dashboard lights are normally functioning I guess you have … Read more Why Engine Doesn’t Start