Replace Power Steering Pump

What is a Power Steering Pump?

Replace Power Steering Pump-Toyota L power steering pump

The power steering pump is an auto part that is used to help the driver steer the wheels in less effort regardless of car or truck sizes. This part is important especially when the car is moving forward and backward slowly more particularly on curve roads and maneuvers.

The pump is located in front of the engine and is attached to the steering gearbox.  Driven by the engine crankshaft through a belt-pulley mechanism, the steering pump compresses the hydraulic fluid which helps rotates the steering gearbox when steered by the driver.

When a car or a truck is equipped with power steering pump it would be easier for anyone even a woman to drive because the steering wheel is manageable and controllable by less effort.

However, if the power steering pump is defective even the strongest man will find difficulty and steering the wheels because you exert much effort.

Replace Power Steering Pump-power steering pump parts

Symptoms of a bad, failing, defective Power Steering Pump

  • A Squealing or Whining Sound

You will hear this at the moment you start your engine. It’s a sound that is abnormal, a sound that this time only you noticed about it. It’s not a part of the normal sounds that you always hear when you drive.

If you hear that kind of sound that means you are now having a failing, bad, or defective power steering pump. However, it does not mean that everything is bad, failing or defective and cannot be fixed. If you have heard that for the first time maybe your power steering pump is just lacking automatic transmission fluid (ATF). You better refill it. If you have refilled it and the sound remains maybe the next problem that you will encounter is stiff steering wheels.

Replace Power Steering Pump-ATF


  • Stiff Steering Wheels

Now, you only not hear an abnormal sound that is squealing or whining but you find your steering wheel so stiff. It’s time for you to have it repaired or replaced.

Replace Power Steering Pump-Disassembled Power Steering Pump

I have tried to recondition this power steering pump but it doesn’t work well. Its performance is not good as it should be so I have to look for a replacement.

That’s the only thing to be done to avoid wasting your effort especially when you are no longer comfortable with your steering wheels.

You can find a replacement for your power steering pump here, whatever brand your car is.

Or you click the image below to see what fits your car.

Replace Power Steering Pump-Toyota 2L power steering pump

Thank you for reading this post and I hope I’ve contributed an idea that could help you keenly observe your car as you drive to your work, engagements in businesses, and many other commitments in life. Have a safe journey with your dream wheels.






Brake Pad Clips

Never underestimate the importance of the brake pad clips or brake pad springs. These are tiny things but they play significantly in the disc brake system.

Brake Pad Clips-pad clips

One day when I was driving to my church work going to the Worshiping Congregation which is about 10 kilometers away from the Mother Church. The spindle axle got loose threads and the spindle bearings were crushed.  As a result, the tire was no longer on its normal position so the rotor or the disc forced the brake pad to break from the normal position.  Because the clip can no longer hold the brake pads it was removed from its proper place and it was gone.

Brake Pad Clips-Restored spindle axle

Brake Pad Clips-Restored spindle axle threads

To cut the story short everything was fixed except for the clip which was not replaced because it’s out of stock in the market.

The truth of the fact is that anyone is discouraged to drive a vehicle without this little thing, the brake pad clip. Everything is no longer normal when not fixed or replaced as in the original part.


Brake pad clips or brake pad springs are the ones that clamp the brake pads to the caliper. Clips or springs hold the pads so they will not move if pressed on the spinning rotor.


Brake Pad Clips-clip


If it happens that the brake pad clips loosen and disentangled, the brake pad will move as it is pressed to the rotating rotor. If the brake pads have already worn and have enough space inside the caliper it might be forced to break and may cause the breakage of the caliper.

Brake Pad Clips-clip

There are a lot of clips different in forms depending on the car model you have or spindle assembly. The older models may be difficult to find such springs and clips if they are lost. Especially producer company may no longer have the interest to have it after how many decades.

Brake Pad Clips-clips

Though these are tiny compared to the whole body of the car you own, however, if you lose these until it has not been replaced your car will stay in your garage or in the shop for a long time. It’s better not to take the risk in driving than to have the courage and be regretful for either yourself or others be the victim of such a consequential accident.


Brake Pad Clip Brands

There are a lot of brands that you can see on the internet. The following are just some of the brands that we can give as an example for us to orient ourselves.

    1. Genuine Ford Focus MK2 Front Brake Caliper Pad Retaining Spring Clip Brand New

Brake Pad Clips-Ford


2. JNBK Brake Pad Clips

Brake Pad Clips-Japan


3. Nissan Brake Pad Clips

Brake Pad Clips-Nissan


4. Isuzu Brake Pad Clips

Brake Pad Clips-Isuzu


You can find a lot on the internet according to your need and they are quality ones. Different quality of different price and you can have the choice of what is fit for your budget.

Find Brake Pad Clips here

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Brake Rotors and Pads

What is a Brake Rotor?

A brake rotor is popularly known as a brake disc.  It is a shape or surface that is round and flat in appearance. As it is shown in the image below that fine flat surface is the disc. This rotor or disc spins with the wheel as the car moves forward and backward.

Function of a Disc

Brake rotors are necessary component in the braking system that stops the vehicle. Brake rotors are what the vehicle’s brake pads clamp down on to stop the wheels from spinning. Brake rotors are just as important to stopping the vehicle as the brake pads are.

Brake Rotors and Pads-disc brake

Brake disc

In a disc brake system most vehicles have disc brakes only on the front wheels, though newer vehicles may have disc brakes on all four wheels.  A disc brake is a type of brake that uses calipers.  As it is shown above, the caliper is the one attached to the side of the disc. It is in the caliper that the brake pads are attached and the disc will be in between the pads. The caliper will squeeze the pair of pads against a disc or “rotor” to create friction.

How is it done? With disc brakes, the fluid from the master cylinder forces into a caliper where it presses against a piston. The piston squeezes two brake pads on a disc rotor attached to the wheel. This forces the wheel to slow down and stop

The Brake Pads

Brake Rotors and Pads-padsBrake Rotors and Pads-pads






These pads are installed by pairs in the caliper. In between the pads is the brake disc.  When the inner pad is pushed by the piston both the pads will squeeze the disc to halt the car.

You can have different pad models that fit your car here


Brake Rotors and Pads-pads in a caliper

Caliper with pads

Brake Calipers

Brake Rotors and Pads-caliper with piston

Caliper with pistons


Brake Rotors and Pads-caliper


Looking for parts that fit your car, it’s just around your corner you can find it through the websites and this is just one of them. Find here.

Thank you for reading this short and simple post. I found a helpful video and you can enjoy understanding how the disc system parts work together. You can watch it here.





Defective Ball Joint Symptoms

What is a Ball Joint?

A ball joint is a component of your car’s suspension and steering.  It is that connects the upper and lower arm suspension to the steering knuckle.

The function of a ball joint is to serve as the pivot of the steering knuckles where the wheels are attached through the spindle.

Defective Ball Joint Symptoms-555 ball joint

Ball Joint


The steering knuckles are where the spindle is attached shown in the image below. That flat round part is the spindle where the four studs are inserted.

Defective Ball Joint Symptoms-steering knuckle

Steering Knuckle with the protruding part


The ball joint is inserted into that protruding part of the steering knuckle.


Defective Ball Joint Symptoms-spindle

Spindle attached to the Steering Knuckle

Defective Ball Joint Symptom-555 Ball Joint

Ball Joint

Defective Ball Joint Symptom

Have you experienced that your front wheels move more than what your steering control does?

When you feel there is more movement than what you can control over your front wheels especially when you turn right and left along the road.  There is somewhat a sudden sway of your front wheels more than your steering wheels can hold, that is a defective ball joint symptom.

When just one of the front wheels’ ball joints is defective it is not obvious.  The other wheel can hold the movement coming from the other wheel. But when both left and right ball joints are no longer working normally, definitely it will be obviously felt and you may wonder why as if your car wants to dance as you proceed along the road.

In slow speed, you can control whatever circumstance it may bring but when more speed is exerted the riskier your situation inside your car will be. It is not a thing that you should ignore but it is a thing that you should fix immediately.


Defective Ball Joint Symptoms-defective ball joint

The Result of a Defective Ball Joint (s)

Because you cannot determine when the extra movement of front wheels come, and you cannot control it, this will cause an accident not only to you but even to other motorists that will coincidentally be on the counter lane.

That little movement from the ball joints will enormously bring a derailment of the car from its proper lane and may hit another car coming from the other lane.

Or when either the ball joints can no longer serve the purpose the wheels will freely flip.

Defective Ball Joint Symptoms-defective ball joint accident

Life is Precious

So why ignore it when you have already noticed something beyond what your steering wheel controls. It is better to be cautious than to be regretful. The safer the better and you can save not only your life but your money that would be used for hospitalization.

Replace your ball joints with the proper brands that will endure the road challenges. The better brand the more secure, the calmer you are.

You can go online and see different suppliers for different brands of what you need. Explore the cheapest one but a brand that you can rely on.

555 Brand 

Defective Ball Joint Symptoms-555 brand


OTHER Brands



Defective Ball Joint Symptoms-GMB brand

GMB Ball Joint

  The 555 brand is the number 1 brand in my location and the GMB brand is the next one. The price differs with a great discrepancy.  You may have better brands in your own location.  All these brands come from Japan.

I hope I’ve helped you with my experience, let’s save lives.

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You Need Not Overhaul Transmission-Problematic Shifting

At first, I noticed the first gear is so stiff to engage but I ignored it for quite a long time.  Then comes the next the fourth gear became so obvious. Then after how many weeks the shifting is so abnormal that engaging the first gear goes to the third gear and from first gear to the second gear it shifts to the fourth gear. The position is normal and you feel it engages until when you press the acceleration that you will notice it’s not on the desired gear to engage with. I’m so sad about this thing because I was thinking that there will be no other way to fix the problem rather than to overhaul the transmission and that is quite a hard task and a lot of money for the expenses of a mechanic and the parts to be replaced. So I called on the mechanic that I will be seeing him for consultation.  He, however, is in the province for a vacation and they will be coming back home that week.  So for the meantime, I was curious to see what I can do out on the issue at hand. By removing the shift booth, I inspected the shifting handle, and I saw all the screws are all in place.  Nevertheless, I removed the screws to see what may be defective of the shifting handle. I saw the perforations and I thought I found the problem to be addressed, it’s the shifting handle.
Two Things to Fix on this Issue The shift handle and the shift handle tip bushing. Please refer to the image below. You Need Not Overhaul Transmission-Problematic Shifting-Defective Shifting Handle You Need Not Overhaul Transmission-Problematic Shifting-Perforated Shifting Handle Bushing   I brought that thing to the auto supply center to buy for a new one. But the salesman said the shifting handle is not the problem.  It’s not even the obvious perforations on it, instead, he brought out a plastic to be placed over the tip of the shifting handle and that will resolve everything.
You Need Not Overhaul Transmission-Problematic Shifting-Shifting Handle Bushing
You Need Not Overhaul Transmission-Problematic Shifting-Shifting Handle Bushing
  Shift Handle Bushing           So I was so happy to know that the salesman is knowledgeable.  I do not need to replace the shifting handle I do not need a mechanic to overhaul the transmission to see the mechanical defects inside the shifting system.  I only need a small plastic, in other words, the shifting handle tip bushing which is just worth 40 pesos in our currency and I can drive again my vehicle normally.
You Need Not Overhaul Transmission-Problematic Shifting-with Shifting Handle Bushing

Shift Handle

Before I can see my friend mechanic I consulted another mechanic and he said that the shifting handle should be replaced.  Who is more knowledgeable, the mechanic or the salesman? If I was not curious enough to work and to discover what is really the cause of the problem, surely, I would not be saved from a thousand pesos for a mechanical fee and for unnecessary part replacement. However, I took the initiative and took the thing to the Machine Shop for restoration. If I decided to buy a new shifting handle it would cost from three to four thousand pesos and that is too much for me. In the Machine Shop, almost everything has a solution.  They know what to do and they will tell you if they cannot restore a thing. For the restoration of the shift handle, it cost me three hundred pesos only. You Need Not Overhaul Transmission-Problematic Shifting-Restored Shifting Handle You Need Not Overhaul Transmission-Problematic Shifting-New Shifting Handle Bushing Sometimes we need the guts to learn and be free from the time and budget burdens. However, if you have replaced that bushing and it will not stay long and be perforated again it will lead you to examine other related matters. What idea can you share with our readers?  Please don’t hesitate to discuss it here, your experience might be a great help to others.

Clutch Master Cylinder Replacement

This is the repair kit that contains the seals in restoring your clutch master cylinder. For a year I replaced the seals twice and on the third time, I cannot ignore it.  Maybe it’s time to replace the clutch master cylinder, the whole thing. Clutch Master Assembly Replacement-Repair KitThere will always come a time that even you want to save parts of your car and opt for repair kits but it’s inevitable to replace the whole thing. Just like this clutch master cylinder, I have thrice changed the seal but it did not take long and it leaked again. Sometimes the leak is indeterminable or unnoticeable and the only indication that its leaking is when you see the fluid is under the indicator level. Clutch Master Assembly Replacement-Clutch Master Assembly Maybe there is something inside that when pressed it hurts the rubber seal forcing to destroy against the pressure. It’s a little bit complicated to understand how it happens but it’s a fact seal are being perforated and it gives way to fluid leak. You will see this in the video below.
My patience in determining what causes the problem has reached its limit and the best way to solve the lurking problem is to replace the whole assembly and that is what I deed.  Clutch Master Assembly Replacement-Clutch Master Assembly ReplacedThis time I can travel putting aside my thoughts on the same thing, leaking clutch master cylinder. If something noticeable problem related to shifting when the clutch master cylinder is fine it will be from other parts of the system and should be diagnosed as early as possible to be safe along your way and travel without delay. Thank you for reading this short story of my experience and I hope I have shared with you valuable thing that can help you get rid of the same dilemma.  

Auto Parts Images

Auto parts images will easily orient and guide to identify the actual parts inside and outside the engine and other parts of the automobile.

May the following images with labels help you learn to identify auto parts.

Auto Parts Images-Cylinder Head

Cylinder Head

Auto Parts Images-Piston Pins

Piston pins

Auto Parts Images-Crankshaft


Auto Parts Images-Connecting Rod

Connecting Rod


Auto Parts Images-Valves


Auto Parts Images-Replaced valve seats

Replaced Valve Seats

Auto Parts Images-Replaced piston rings

Piston rings


Auto Parts Images-Ballast resistor

Ballast resistor

Auto Parts Images-Ignition switch

Ignition switch

Auto Parts Images-Camshaft oil seal

Camshaft oil seal


Auto Parts Images-Circuit relay

Circuit relay

Auto Parts Images-Wheel Stabilizer

Wheel Stabilizer

Auto Parts Images-Oil Pressure Gauge

Oil Pressure Gauge









Auto Parts Images-Toyota L Nozzle

Toyota L Nozzle

Auto Parts Images-Toyota L Nozzle

Toyota L Nozzle


Auto Parts Images-Toyota L fuel control valve

Toyota L Control Valve


Auto Parts Images-Toyota L clutch disc

Toyota L Clutch Disc


Auto Parts Images-Isuzu brake pad clip

Isuzu Brake Pad Clip

Auto Parts Images-Spindle Axle

Toyota L Spindle Axle





Engine Power Failure Causes and Symptoms

We are to determine what are the symptoms and causes of an engine power failure.  A car is just like a human body, do you agree?  When I feel a stomach ache I am having a symptom, a symptom that speaks of a cause, a cause that should be addressed.

Stomach ache is not an illness rather it is a symptom.  This is through with a car we have to be observant, why is it having a loss of compression, having an unusual loud knock, and emits bluish smoke?  It is giving the message that there is a problem causing it and that is what we are going to find and fix.

1) Loss compression, A Symptom

Let us assume that carburetion and compression are all precise from the assembly and is expected of a brand new car. Here, I want to talk about a car that is used for several years that has come to the point that it can no longer deliver the desired power as it should be.

Referring to compression, this is the power of the piston to cause all moving parts of the engine. The experienced driver knows this during the engagement of first to fourth gears. When you press on the accelerator you are putting more fuel and air in the combustion chamber and the stronger the piston the engine has more power. If the driver feels the engine is getting tired of carrying the capacity limit of all the things and human on board there is a compression problem.


Why is loss compression a symptom of a crankshaft failure?

Engine Power Failure Causes and Symptoms-Crankshaft


Remember oil is very important to run your vehicle. Without this, a brand new vehicle’s engine will easily be toasted. When your car is on the stage of a loss compression due to worn piston rings and liners you are possibly losing much oil in the unexpected time.

Every time you run your car on low oil, under high heat conditions over an extended period the oil can become dangerously thick. Corrosive sludge will cause hard deposits on the cylinder head, pitted valves. The thickened, oxidized oil loses its fluidity and the ability to flow easily through the engine. This gives rise to metal-to-metal contacts and the first to be damaged are usually the connecting rod bearings. Because these are purposely built for the crankshaft to give smooth revolution when stuck or crushed it would surely damage the crankshaft, if not scratched only, it will be broken.


Possible causes of loss compression

a) Worn piston rings and liners

Engine Power Failure Causes and Symptoms-worn piston rings

In over ten years a car is used you expect the service life of piston rings and liners (sleeves) have come to the point to be replaced. Why? These parts rub each other every time the engine is run. Even the hardest steel in this world that is continually rubbed succumbs to friction and heat. In due time, the clearance needed for proper compression is no longer there because air escapes or released in between the piston rings and liner (sleeve)as the piston moves up and down.

b) Valve leakage

This refers to the valve prevented from being closed. Because it is not closed properly there is fugitive emission from the valve. Why is it called fugitive emission, because this is the one that escapes through the other and unintended holes! Air should only be released when the valve is opened. A common cause of valve leakage is due to dirt, rust, or the seat is damaged.


Engine Power Failure Causes and Symptoms-worn Valve Seats

Worn Valve seats

Engine Power Failure Causes and Symptoms-worn valves

What do you expect when your car has worn piston rings and valves?  Besides loss compression, you will experience more fuel and more oil consumption. Changing engine oil should be enough until the desired mileage is reached, that is 5,000 kilometers. If your car doesn’t have speedometer calculate the distance you travel every time you use your car. Depending on how regularly you use your car, it may reach the minimum of three months up.


2)  Unusual Loud Knock inside the Engine

In any engine, you will notice some audible fine knocks produced by valve clearances.  When you hear this it doesn’t bother you because it goes with the engine in even timings.  In fact, a good engine knock can be noisier when oil supply is not in its required level.  However, if you fill it to the right measurement the knocks slightly vanishes.

A loud knock in an engine cannot be minimized by oil and valve adjustments is a symptom of something serious that should be given attention to before your car stalls you along the way.  Even you overfill with oil your engine, the sound doesn’t minimize but instead, it worsens.  The possibility could be any of the parts connected to the piston-like connecting rod, piston pin, or connecting rod bearings are about to be replaced.

Engine Power Failure Causes and Symptoms-connecting rod

Engine Power Failure Causes and Symptoms-connecting rod bearings

Engine Power Failure Causes and Symptoms-piston pin

When your car overheats accompanied by knocks and you feel a decreased power when you accelerate, a possible problem is connecting rod bearings being slowly crushed.


3)  Bluish Smoke

Engine Power Failure Causes and Symptoms-bluish smoke


When your car emits bluish thick smoke this means oil is being mixed with your fuel into the combustion chamber.  Why the piston rings maybe are already worn?

Secondly, there is a leakage in the intake valve (s).  The valve seal may have been perforated or worn does oil passes through the valve stem and mixed with air and fuel.

Engine Power Failure Causes and Symptoms-valve seals

If you have addressed the causes you’ve found as you were led and guided by the symptoms, I am sure you have not only saved the crankshaft but also the possibility of an engine overhaul.

This is my opinion and understanding and I may be wrong.  If you agree this can be helpful for you.  However, if you don’t agree it is best for you to share your scientific explanation and experience that may benefit the audience around the world.

Thank you for reading my post.  If you have any question you can send me a private message through this email:  jjimmydolo@gmail.com,  and I will respond to you as soon as I read your message.