Toyota L . Toyota L Engine Guide

Clutch Master Cylinder Replacement

This is the repair kit that contains the seals in restoring your clutch master cylinder. For a year I replaced the seals twice and on the third time, I cannot ignore it.  Maybe it’s time to replace the clutch master cylinder, the whole thing. There will always come a time that even you want to … Read moreClutch Master Cylinder Replacement

Overhauling Gasket Package Not All Fitted

The producer company may have made a mistake in packaging the materials for Toyota L series which may have identical gaskets but not exactly the same, or its really the one but they made a mistake in the measurement and so produced a not fitted one. I am referring to the head cover gasket referred … Read moreOverhauling Gasket Package Not All Fitted

Piston-Piston Rings-Connecting Rods Installation and Assembly

The piston, piston rings, oil rings, and connecting rods are parts that should be installed and connected to each other before it will be inserted into the block. In installing or assembling these parts be sure to wet it with oil. The purpose is that on the first crank of the engine the engine oil … Read morePiston-Piston Rings-Connecting Rods Installation and Assembly

Toyota L Engine Guide

Toyota L Engine Guide is a simplified do it yourself caring, maintaining and tune-up of your vehicle if ever you encounter a problem and you cannot access a paid mechanic or serviceman. This contains all bout ♦engine oil ♦cooling system ♦exhaust system ♦starting problems ♦stalling problems ♦tires and wheels ♦valve clearance and adjustment ♦oil cooler ♦oil … Read moreToyota L Engine Guide

Toyota L Valve Wrong Setting

On this topic, Toyota L Valve Wrong Setting, there are two things I would like to share with you this time.  First, the wrong valve clearance.  Second, setting the valve clearance in the wrong way. We have to understand that the exhaust valve and the intake valve are different in sizes and that gives us hint that we are … Read moreToyota L Valve Wrong Setting

Toyota L Valve Clearance

We believe proper valve clearance adjustment sets the engine’s power and fuel efficiency of your car.  Please watch the video below illustrating the procedure in setting Toyota L engine valve clearance.  What are the things to keep in mind in administering proper valve clearance? it enhances proper combustion it boosts fuel efficiency it enhances the engine … Read moreToyota L Valve Clearance