Brake Pad Clips

Never underestimate the importance of the brake pad clips or brake pad springs. These are tiny things but they play significantly in the disc brake system.

Brake Pad Clips-pad clips

One day when I was driving to my church work going to the Worshiping Congregation which is about 10 kilometers away from the Mother Church. The spindle axle got loose threads and the spindle bearings were crushed.  As a result, the tire was no longer on its normal position so the rotor or the disc forced the brake pad to break from the normal position.  Because the clip can no longer hold the brake pads it was removed from its proper place and it was gone.

Brake Pad Clips-Restored spindle axle

Brake Pad Clips-Restored spindle axle threads

To cut the story short everything was fixed except for the clip which was not replaced because it’s out of stock in the market.

The truth of the fact is that anyone is discouraged to drive a vehicle without this little thing, the brake pad clip. Everything is no longer normal when not fixed or replaced as in the original part.


Brake pad clips or brake pad springs are the ones that clamp the brake pads to the caliper. Clips or springs hold the pads so they will not move if pressed on the spinning rotor.


Brake Pad Clips-clip


If it happens that the brake pad clips loosen and disentangled, the brake pad will move as it is pressed to the rotating rotor. If the brake pads have already worn and have enough space inside the caliper it might be forced to break and may cause the breakage of the caliper.

Brake Pad Clips-clip

There are a lot of clips different in forms depending on the car model you have or spindle assembly. The older models may be difficult to find such springs and clips if they are lost. Especially producer company may no longer have the interest to have it after how many decades.

Brake Pad Clips-clips

Though these are tiny compared to the whole body of the car you own, however, if you lose these until it has not been replaced your car will stay in your garage or in the shop for a long time. It’s better not to take the risk in driving than to have the courage and be regretful for either yourself or others be the victim of such a consequential accident.


Brake Pad Clip Brands

There are a lot of brands that you can see on the internet. The following are just some of the brands that we can give as an example for us to orient ourselves.

    1. Genuine Ford Focus MK2 Front Brake Caliper Pad Retaining Spring Clip Brand New

Brake Pad Clips-Ford


2. JNBK Brake Pad Clips

Brake Pad Clips-Japan


3. Nissan Brake Pad Clips

Brake Pad Clips-Nissan


4. Isuzu Brake Pad Clips

Brake Pad Clips-Isuzu


You can find a lot on the internet according to your need and they are quality ones. Different quality of different price and you can have the choice of what is fit for your budget.

Find Brake Pad Clips here

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Brake Rotors and Pads

What is a Brake Rotor?

A brake rotor is popularly known as a brake disc.  It is a shape or surface that is round and flat in appearance. As it is shown in the image below that fine flat surface is the disc. This rotor or disc spins with the wheel as the car moves forward and backward.

Function of a Disc

Brake rotors are necessary component in the braking system that stops the vehicle. Brake rotors are what the vehicle’s brake pads clamp down on to stop the wheels from spinning. Brake rotors are just as important to stopping the vehicle as the brake pads are.

Brake Rotors and Pads-disc brake

Brake disc

In a disc brake system most vehicles have disc brakes only on the front wheels, though newer vehicles may have disc brakes on all four wheels.  A disc brake is a type of brake that uses calipers.  As it is shown above, the caliper is the one attached to the side of the disc. It is in the caliper that the brake pads are attached and the disc will be in between the pads. The caliper will squeeze the pair of pads against a disc or “rotor” to create friction.

How is it done? With disc brakes, the fluid from the master cylinder forces into a caliper where it presses against a piston. The piston squeezes two brake pads on a disc rotor attached to the wheel. This forces the wheel to slow down and stop

The Brake Pads

Brake Rotors and Pads-padsBrake Rotors and Pads-pads






These pads are installed by pairs in the caliper. In between the pads is the brake disc.  When the inner pad is pushed by the piston both the pads will squeeze the disc to halt the car.

You can have different pad models that fit your car here


Brake Rotors and Pads-pads in a caliper

Caliper with pads

Brake Calipers

Brake Rotors and Pads-caliper with piston

Caliper with pistons


Brake Rotors and Pads-caliper


Looking for parts that fit your car, it’s just around your corner you can find it through the websites and this is just one of them. Find here.

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Clutch Master Cylinder Replacement

This is the repair kit that contains the seals in restoring your clutch master cylinder. For a year I replaced the seals twice and on the third time, I cannot ignore it.  Maybe it’s time to replace the clutch master cylinder, the whole thing. Clutch Master Assembly Replacement-Repair KitThere will always come a time that even you want to save parts of your car and opt for repair kits but it’s inevitable to replace the whole thing. Just like this clutch master cylinder, I have thrice changed the seal but it did not take long and it leaked again. Sometimes the leak is indeterminable or unnoticeable and the only indication that its leaking is when you see the fluid is under the indicator level. Clutch Master Assembly Replacement-Clutch Master Assembly Maybe there is something inside that when pressed it hurts the rubber seal forcing to destroy against the pressure. It’s a little bit complicated to understand how it happens but it’s a fact seal are being perforated and it gives way to fluid leak. You will see this in the video below.
My patience in determining what causes the problem has reached its limit and the best way to solve the lurking problem is to replace the whole assembly and that is what I deed.  Clutch Master Assembly Replacement-Clutch Master Assembly ReplacedThis time I can travel putting aside my thoughts on the same thing, leaking clutch master cylinder. If something noticeable problem related to shifting when the clutch master cylinder is fine it will be from other parts of the system and should be diagnosed as early as possible to be safe along your way and travel without delay. Thank you for reading this short story of my experience and I hope I have shared with you valuable thing that can help you get rid of the same dilemma.  

Clutch Disk-Use and Function

This is a clutch disk of Toyota L engine. It is not noticeable that this has already a defect upon driving but since the engine was overhauled and is obviously thin it should be replaced to minimize time and work.

Clutch Disk-Use and Function-Replaced Clutch Disk side A

Clutch Disk-Use and Function-Replaced Clutch Disk side B

1. Components of the Clutch Disk

  • the hub


  • the cover plate

  • the rivet

  • the friction surface

  • the spring



Clutch Disk-Use and Function-New Clutch Disk

2.Functions of the Clutch Disk

The clutch disk transmits power from the engine to the transmission through the hub wherein the gearbox shaft is inserted.




Overhauling Gasket Package Not All Fitted

The producer company may have made a mistake in packaging the materials for Toyota L series which may have identical gaskets but not exactly the same, or its really the one but they made a mistake in the measurement and so produced a not fitted one.

I am referring to the head cover gasket referred to as valve gasket for Toyota L upon knowing that the mechanic had a difficulty in placing the gasket during the assembly of the engine. Because it is in the package so he believes it must be the right one that fits.

Until after a week of test drive that I noticed when we opened it for timing adjustment and to check the valve gaps. It was really stretched and it shows that it is not a normal fitting.

Because the alignment of the gasket is somewhat tilted I have to find for something that is better. Because there was no available head cover gasket for Toyota L I bought the one for Toyota 2L head cover gasket and it fits. The video below will prove the anomaly about the case.

The video above shows the fact that not all in the package of Toyota L overhauling gasket are fitted. Even if you reverse the placement it’s really too far to fit.



This video shows the exact gasket that is bought from Toyota 2L head cover gasket.

I wonder why the company causes confusion to Toyota L series users and customers by having different series with the same parts. The engine is Toyota L and you have to look for Toyota L parts and accessories. It is not bad if you can find parts exactly the same in Toyota 2L but when you are given a package with any of the parts unfit that makes it considerably defective and the producer company has to replace it for free.


Reminder and Warning
Be sure to inspect all overhauling gasket package before you use it one by one. The only way to assure that you have all the gaskets fit is to take with you to the auto supply center all the samples to be replaced.
This is to avoid extra ordinary expenses in buying another part you needed just because some of what is in the package is unfit.

It is also saving time and effort in doing repairs to your car or vehicle.


Piston-Piston Rings-Connecting Rods Installation and Assembly

The piston, piston rings, oil rings, and connecting rods are parts that should be installed and connected to each other before it will be inserted into the block.

In installing or assembling these parts be sure to wet it with oil. The purpose is that on the first crank of the engine the engine oil is not yet distributed to the engine parts.  At least before the oil reaches all the moving parts there is lubrication provided so it will not immediately get hot.

Here are the parts

Piston-Piston Rings-Connecting Rods Installation and Assembly-Toyota L PistonThe piston


Piston-Piston Rings-Connecting Rods Installation and Assembly-Toyota L Piston RingsThe piston rings and oil ring


Piston-Piston Rings-Connecting Rods Installation and Assembly-Toyota L Piston PinsThe piston pins


Piston-Piston Rings-Connecting Rods Installation and Assembly-Toyota L Connecting RodThe connecting rod


Tools to use in assembling the parts

There is only two that you needed.  It is the snap ring pliers that you use in placing the rings and the piston ring installer pliers.

Piston-Piston Rings-Connecting Rods Installation and Assembly-Snap Ring Plies

Piston-Piston Rings-Connecting Rods Installation and Assembly-Piston Ring Installer Pliers




Watch the video on how all the parts are placed.


It is such important to be careful enough in placing all the parts.  Remember the piston has marks and that is according to arrangements when inserted in the cylinders.  Observe the dots on the images below.


Piston 1 with no mark


Piston 2 with one dot


Piston 3 with two dots


Piston 4 with 3 dots


Not only the piston has marks, but the connecting rod also has.  If you are keen on observing the marks such as dots you will never be mistaken to pair the right piston with the right connecting rod. And of course, you will not also be mistaken in the insertion of right pistons on the right cylinders of the block.

Cylinder 1 must be the nearest in the front of the engine.  It is the nearest to the camshaft timing gear and cylinder 4 must be the nearest to the transmission.


With that hints to bear in mind, you won’t waste time disassembling the engine when you come to your senses that you have not been conscious enough to observe marks provided by the manufacturers as the guide in assembling after doing an overhaul.

If you have followed the guide you will save time and possibly save resources to be incurred through errors.

You can find additional helpful information on this website page.

Thank you again and I hope I have helped you in some way.  If you have any question, comments, and observations please feel free to leave it in the comment box and I’ll be willing to get back and answer you as soon as I read your message.



Toyota L Engine Guide

Toyota L Engine Guide is a simplified do it yourself caring, maintaining and tune-up of your vehicle if ever you encounter a problem and you cannot access a paid mechanic or serviceman.

This contains all bout
♦engine oil
♦cooling system
♦exhaust system
♦starting problems
♦stalling problems
♦tires and wheels
♦valve clearance and adjustment
♦oil cooler
♦oil seal replacement
♦other issues

Toyota L Engine Guide aims to help car owners have a general understanding of the mechanics of an automobile which usually comes and are possibilities while the car is in their care and use.

Discussions here are not centered on a particular model but is a generally accepted principle applicable to many issues of different cars.

So, we welcome you to this site and enjoy learning as you are guided and do the services you ought to do for your vehicle.

By doing this do it yourself maintenance, tune-up, and repairs you will gain the benefit of physical engagement and exercise.  With all other benefits, you can cut your expenses because you do it by yourself.  No paid service men to do it for you.

By then your dream wheels are with you not because you have the best and latest car model but because you have an efficient vehicle as your partner in doing your services to people.

Lastly, a properly maintained vehicle does not only work efficient and effective but helps in the care and preservation of our planet earth where we are living.

Old engines can have less carbon dioxide emission if properly maintained thus giving us a safer environment.

Love your vehicle and make its performance to the top and in return, it provides what you need in terms of mobility in your work whether far or near, day and night without delay.

With Toyota-L Engine Guide come let us learn together and enjoy life with reliable machines in our hands.

Toyota L Engine Guide-crankshaft



Toyota L Valve Wrong Setting

On this topic, Toyota L Valve Wrong Setting, there are two things I would like to share with you this time.  First, the wrong valve clearance.  Second, setting the valve clearance in the wrong way.

We have to understand that the exhaust valve and the intake valve are different in sizes and that gives us hint that we are to set valve clearances in different measurements.


Toyota L Intake Valve

Exhaust valve

Toyota L Exhaust Valve

Intake valve


As you can see it here on the cylinder head the bigger valve head paralleled to the Exhaust Manifolds are the exhaust valves and the smaller valve heads in between the exhaust Manifolds are the intake valves.


So here are the two wrong things that we have to avoid when we set the gaps for Toyota L.

First Wrong

I’ve known three mechanics with different orientations in setting the valve clearance and I believe them all at first.  But I have to know who of them is saying the truth by having my car as the specimen.

Two of them said both the valve gaps or clearance for the intake and the exhaust are the same.  To prove the validity of the statements I’ve let the valves adjusted with that way.  After it has been set I drove my vehicle from around forty kilometers and there I sensed the gap adjustment is not correct.  The gap was .305mm or .012 inches and I was annoyed when I was driving.  Every time I accelerate the engine noise was much louder and it does not have the power to pull its body weight including the passengers in it.  In fact, I pitied the engine for as if I am the one suffering the heavy load. So I’ve proven that the two mechanics were wrong in their stock knowledge in Toyota L valve clearance gap.

Second wrong

This thing is the how to do valve gap. Again the two say that valve gapping is taken in between the rocker arm and valve tip.  The video below will show you the wrong procedure to do valve gapping in between the rocker arm and valve tip.


In Toyota L engine it is right and proper when the valve clearance is taken in between the rocker arm and the camshaft. In the video below you will see the right way in valve gapping or setting valve clearance for this particular engine.

After we have watched the videos we have identified which is wrong and right, the improper and the proper.  It is up to you to do the right thing and test it by yourself.  I’m sure you will not be sorry for doing it.

Thank you again for visiting this site and if you find it helpful, please do like us and drop a comment below.  Or if you have any question just email us at jjimmydolo@gmail.com.

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Toyota L Valve Clearance

We believe proper valve clearance adjustment sets the engine’s power and fuel efficiency of your car. 

Please watch the video below illustrating the procedure in setting Toyota L engine valve clearance. 

What are the things to keep in mind in administering proper valve clearance?

  • it enhances proper combustion
  • it boosts fuel efficiency
  • it enhances the engine power
  • it prevents premature wears of valves, valve seats.

From the first to the fourth considerations are interrelated and results of the other.  Why? Because proper valve clearance permits the proper mixture of air and fuel for combustion.  When fuel is properly burned there is power in the engine.  The engine, therefore, emits lesser harmful carbon dioxide and that is more friendly to the environment.

In the proper fittings of parts through valve clearance, it prevents premature wear because the pressure and force exerted on the moving parts such as intake and exhaust valves against the valve seats are measured and that would last a long time.

If the clearance between the valves and valve seats are too thin there will be a small amount of air and fuel to be supplied to the chamber and it lacks what is needed for each piston to compress.  On the exhaust valves, a thin clearance will not allow all burned fuel to be exhausted.

On the other hand, when the gap is too wide between valves and valve seats the tendency is that the fuel will not be properly burned to due to overexposure.  Meaning the combustion chamber is not well sealed this is both the intake and exhaust valves.  This might even allow the fire to be exhausted and cause overheating.

Overheating can result from both improper valve clearance and when not attended to will give another problem.

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Auto Parts Images

Auto parts images will easily orient and guide to identify the actual parts inside and outside the engine and other parts of the automobile.

May the following images with labels help you learn to identify auto parts.

Auto Parts Images-Cylinder Head

Cylinder Head

Auto Parts Images-Piston Pins

Piston pins

Auto Parts Images-Crankshaft


Auto Parts Images-Connecting Rod

Connecting Rod


Auto Parts Images-Valves


Auto Parts Images-Replaced valve seats

Replaced Valve Seats

Auto Parts Images-Replaced piston rings

Piston rings


Auto Parts Images-Ballast resistor

Ballast resistor

Auto Parts Images-Ignition switch

Ignition switch

Auto Parts Images-Camshaft oil seal

Camshaft oil seal


Auto Parts Images-Circuit relay

Circuit relay

Auto Parts Images-Wheel Stabilizer

Wheel Stabilizer

Auto Parts Images-Oil Pressure Gauge

Oil Pressure Gauge









Auto Parts Images-Toyota L Nozzle

Toyota L Nozzle

Auto Parts Images-Toyota L Nozzle

Toyota L Nozzle


Auto Parts Images-Toyota L fuel control valve

Toyota L Control Valve


Auto Parts Images-Toyota L clutch disc

Toyota L Clutch Disc


Auto Parts Images-Isuzu brake pad clip

Isuzu Brake Pad Clip

Auto Parts Images-Spindle Axle

Toyota L Spindle Axle