Toyota L Valve Wrong Setting

On this topic, Toyota L Valve Wrong Setting, there are two things I would like to share with you this time.  First, the wrong valve clearance.  Second, setting the valve clearance in the wrong way. We have to understand that the exhaust valve and the intake valve are different in sizes and that gives us hint that we are … Read more Toyota L Valve Wrong Setting

Bus and Truck Collision

In November 2011, I passed by a bus and a truck that collided resulting in severe damage on both.     Having traversed the municipalities of Paete, Kalayaan, Lumban, Pagsanjan, Sta. Cruz, Victoria, and Calawan and reaching to the town of Los Banos, Laguna I passed by this accident that had happened around more than an … Read more Bus and Truck Collision

Motorcycle Collateral Damage

This is a motorcycle collateral damage in a motor accident that happened on July 27, 2013, in Caliraya, Lumban, Laguna. The riders have no helmets and other protective gears. They were four on the motorcycle. When we reached the place policemen were already there managing the traffic and assisting the victims.  We got down from … Read more Motorcycle Collateral Damage