About-my identity

My dream wheels is a realized dream after approximately 40 years of waiting.  I say this because it was a long struggle of dreaming.  From my childhood to adulthood I can say that I’ve been and I will always be a dreamer.  Until now I can still remember all my dreams and I can tell it one by one succinctly.

I would like to share with you 5 dreams and they are as follows:


Dream 1

For several times I enjoyed flying up the sky like an eagle over the roofs of houses passing the mountain ravines.



Dream 2

I cruised over a deep river of no return with just an oil stone as my boat in an unknown time of the day.

Deep River





Oil Stone






Dream 3

I drove a passenger vehicle that tracked the trails we used to walk from houses to farms.


Dream  4

In a helicopter, I and the military hovered in the air for a certain time.



Dream 5, a dream of reality

After forty years of waiting, I was able to have my wheels at the age of fifty.  A Toyota L engine vehicle AUV type that ushered my love and skills in troubleshooting and maintenance.  Many times I have been in a point of a shameful situation for being stalled under a crossroad.


What is your Dream Wheels?

Definitely, you will say your dream wheels are so old I want the new one.  Yes, you are right Toyota L engine is the first of all the L engines and I don’t have contention with that.

The progress of inventions and model upgrades in cars are so fast and you may want to have the latest one. You can have it if you want and if you have the money.  However, this site reminds you of one thing, not at all times, even the newest car can always be in the best condition.  There are times that the shops are not available for you and you have to do it by yourself simple things to get you going along your way.

My dream wheels are something not of a car model.  It doesn’t matter what model your car is.  That is the reason for this site, it stresses the importance of efficiency and services your car can give you.  What we are after in a dream car is a journey that is smooth and you are hassle-free.

For this purpose, I am inviting you to visit the pages and posts on this site.  Discussions on how to maintain, tune-up and troubleshoot your car can be found here including experiences and updates that you can benefit from.

Thank you very much for reading and if there are questions you may want to raise you can contact me through this email: jjimmydolo@gmail.com.  I will be willing to answer you as soon as I read your message.