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Auto Body Repair and Painting

Automobile body repair and painting are lucrative tasks and it is always a necessity for car care as of this age.

Every time I pass by a shop of auto body repair and painting I’m being obsessed. I really want to do it myself. I enjoy manual work and I don’t consider it as hard work for me. If there would be a time or if I could bring back time I would like to learn the secrets of auto body repair and painting.

I have a friend who does the work and he sustains his family out of it. He was once a mechanic but he switched to body repairs that include all motorcycle, tricycle, automobiles, and trucks. The only thing he doesn’t do is painting because he acquired asthma and it would be a struggle for him.

It’s an inevitable instance that car paints fade and need to be repainted to preserve the body from rotting. Accidents come anytime and automobile bodies need to be repaired. And there are hundreds of thousands of car units are moving every day in every part of the world.

If you are skilled you will have a great opportunity to help your self and your family earn a living. If you are interested let’s have the things you needed to invest in in order to effectively do the job.

1. Mechanical Tools

In choosing your tools it would be easy if you are already using some brands and you know the quality. Basically, branded tools are more expensive than low quality. However, you will not regret if you have invested in the quality ones since they will last for a long time and they fit really, they are precise.

Auto Body Repair and Painting-Mechanical Tools



Auto Body Repair and Painting-Craftsman Mechanics Tool Kit
Craftsman Mechanics Tool Kit


Auto Body Repair and Painting-Mechanical Tools3

Auto Body Repair and Painting-Campbell Hausfeld air compressor
Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor


I will enumerate some of the branded tools that may suit your taste in price and quality.

Mac Tools
Wright Tool

You can have the details of these tools from this site:

2. Course for Skills Development


The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) is the government agency tasked to manage and supervise technical education and skills development (TESD) in the Philippines. It was created by virtue of Republic Act 7796, otherwise known as the “Technical Education and Skills Development Act of 1994”. The said Act integrated the functions of the former National Manpower and Youth Council (NMYC), the Bureau of Technical-Vocational Education of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports (BTVE-DECS) and the Office of Apprenticeship of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority or TESDA offers a long list of free or affordable courses that will help you expand your knowledge in a specific subject. Established in accordance with the Republic Act No. 7796 or the Technical Education and Skills Act of 1994, TESDA provides hands-on training or online instruction. It aims to help individuals in developing their skills through a rigorous training program that will boost their chances of employability.

All graduates of this program are certified and qualified for employment anywhere around the world.

2. The Secrets of Custom Spray Painting and Body Work Repair

Is online training which includes video created by Mario Goldstein, the artist. It is a Do-It-Yourself Spray Painting and Body Work Course.


Auto Body Repair and Painting-Paint Spray Secrets


I hope this brief article helps you in deciding to take the opportunity to be one of those skilled workers of your own country by investing in the best tools and trainings provided both in the offline and in online.

They are available all around us and it’s a privilege to have them for free if not affordable for everyone.





8 thoughts on “Auto Body Repair and Painting”

  1. Just like you, I always feel the urge to get everything set up by myself whenever it comes to setting up my cars body repair and painting but I lack the basics knowledge and that has always served as a deterrent for me. Thanks so much for this information and I will surely make sure to checkout all if the instruments you have pointed out while studying that course too. Thanks so much for the article.

    • Thanks, Shelley. It’s not too late let us make our dreams happen in the younger generation. Let’s impress in their minds that they have the opportunity we missed.

      Yes, you can acquire those videos online and I’m sure it will help.

  2. In middle school, I became interested in Cars.  I managed to take four years of mechanic classes.  Tools were a real investment but I still have almost all of them after 40 years.  I bought quality tools because my Dad told me to save a little extra and get upper tier brands.  It wasn’t an expense but a real investment.  It has paid off big time.  

    I had a great little red Chevy Pickup that needed a few dent and ding repairs.  I had a shop teacher that liked body work and one of my classmates had painted a few cars with his dad.  And learned from my Dad when he painted his truck and my Mom’s Car  Those guys knew more tricks with paint than I’ll ever know.  But their teaching was invaluable when it came to painting.  If you want to paint your own car or do it commercially, you will not waste your time with training or classes.

    Thanks for this article.  Very good informatiion.


    • Hi, Sam. You made me smile sharing your experience. I love the way you heed your Dad’s advice. Quality tools really last long and that’s proven, we can leave them as heirs to our children.

      It’s true auto body repairs and painting is now one of the best livelihood choices. You will never go hungry if you know what you are doing. If people love their cars, they also love the one who does the job of repairs and painting.

  3. Excellent article Auto Body Repair and Painting, I’ve learnt greatly from your post,one could earn income from doing this professional job, but this would require training and practical teachings in order use these tools effectively,please can someone do all these work without formal training? and any professional must go for branded tools,not minding the cost, they are more expensive than low quality. Such people will not regret if they have invested in the quality, this advice cut across all discipline and professions,choosing the best tools to work with, expect best result and vise -versa, thank you for sharing this educative post.

    • I have been watching personally individuals who work in this field but I cannot do it myself. It really needs training in having basic principles and practical applications. 

      Tools are your partners in life in effectively accomplishing what you needed to do.  Precision and long-lasting are the qualities that we want and we don’t regret investing in the branded ones.

  4. Hi Jimmy thank you so much for this blog post, it was really helpful. The truth of the matter is that one of the biggest investments we get to make often is in Our Vehicles. As such there is need for adequate knowledge on how to go about maintaining the vehicle so that it can last long. 

    It is so amazing to know that there are online and offline courses one can enrol in that will position one in being an expert when it comes to automobile spraying and repair

    • Hi, Emmanuel. I’m glad you understand the importance of having knowledge of body repair and painting. It gives us fulfillment in doing something ourselves and fewer expenses.  We can help others too if we want by giving free service if we have the skill.

      My own country offers it for free this kind of courses to help Filipino people have their own livelihood in the country and in abroad.


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