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Brake Light Switch Replacement


Brake Light Switch Repair and Replacement-old brake light switch Brake Light Switch Repair and Replacement-old brake light switch


Does your brake lights switch needing a repair or does it need replacement? Let’s try to learn how this part works for our vehicle.

Brake lights are an important part of a vehicle. These are the lights placed at the right and the left side of the back of any vehicle. The use of this auto part is to warn the driver who is following after you on the road that you are slowing down or about to stop.

Brake Light Switch Repair and Replacement-brake light


Every driver can see anything in front of his car or vehicle but there are times especially when in dim light colors are optically deceiving. If there is a light that flashes or blinks the eyes will send a message to the brain that the car before you are slowing or stopping and you are already near to bump and the brain commands the foot to step on the brake.


What could be the issue and what could be done when your brake lights do not light on?

Switch on your Ignition switch but not necessarily starting the engine.

When you step on the brake pedal and one or both of the brake lights will not light on the possibilities are: busted bulbs or line disconnection.

But there is another way to check this, you place the clutch on the reverse and when the brake lights on then there are no disconnected lines and no bulbs busted.

Then the problem here would be brake light switch that is to be reconditioned or replaced.


Brake Light Switch Repair and Replacement-new brake light switch Brake Light Switch Repair and Replacement-new brake light switch


This auto part can be easily opened so you can see what is inside if it is only corrosion that you can clean or you need to replace it.  If you have cleaned any dirt inside and no rust that will continue to ruin the brake light switch then you may opt to just repair it. But if you think the problem will repeat itself in a short time you have to replace it.

As you can see it in the picture I bought a new brake light switch. I cleaned the old one and tested but it doesn’t work anymore.


For those who bought a second-hand vehicle, there may be modifications made as it is the fashion these days especially motorcycles. I’m sure it’s very rare in cars.

The standard color for brake lights is red, it is not white it is neither yellow. If it happens that it is not red then maybe they have erred in connecting the lines.

Brake Light Switch Repair and Replacement-standard color brake light


Let’s bear in mind that brake lights are important for the safety of everyone and not just a decoration of a vehicle for the eyes to see and enjoy. So it is important that this part must be checked every time you travel because you are not only helping yourself but you are helping other drivers to take precautions in driving.  It will help eradicate accidents along the road. 

Thank you for reading this blog and if ever you agree or disagree with my opinion, please drop your comments and we will learn together saving lives through little things.


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4 thoughts on “Brake Light Switch Replacement”

  1. I drive automatic, do I test it by hitting the brakes and change my gear to reverse? You mentioned clutch, I am not sure if it is the same way to check it or not. Agree, break lights are so important every where that you drive. In my case, It helps me to estimate on how fast should I drive and when I should step on the brake as well. I like to leave some room from the car in front of me just in case. I am a passive driver. We should all be checking our brake lights regularly to prevent the accidents at all cost. 

    • Thanks, Nuttanee, I see you are knowledgeable of car parts and you are right. Yes, you shift your gear to the reverse, and you do not need a clutch because you own a modern car. You do this before you go out for driving. 

      You have to have somebody assist you at the back of your car to see if your brake lights are working. When you step on your brake they should light up but if they don’t you check it by putting your gear on the reverse.  If the brake lights work the problem would be the brake light switch.

      However, if you do the first and second steps and your brake lights will not work, it may be a busted bulb or line disconnection.

  2. Your post has very helpful information! I wasn’t aware of this until I read your article, thank you for mentioning this important safety hack. From now on I will check my brake lights more often so my fellow drivers and I will be safe. I will share this advice with my friends and family.

    • You are right Sam, brake lights help us to minimize and get rid of accidents. Through this light we can talk to our fellow drivers, saying I am slowing be careful not to bump my back. Very important to fix when not working properly.


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