Brake Pad Clips

Brake pad clips or brake pad springs are the ones that clamp the brake pads. Clips or springs hold the pads firm so they will not be detached from the caliper.

Never underestimate the importance of the brake pad clips or brake pad springs. These are tiny things but they play significantly in the disc brake system.Brake Pad Clips-pad clips

One day when I was driving to my church work going to the Worshiping Congregation which is about 10 kilometers away from the Mother Church. The spindle axle got loose threads and the spindle bearings were crushed.  As a result, the tire was no longer on its normal position so the rotor or the disc forced the brake pad to break from the normal position.  Because the clip can no longer hold the brake pads it was removed from its proper place and it was gone.

Brake Pad Clips-Restored spindle axle

Brake Pad Clips-Restored spindle axle threads


To cut the story short everything was fixed except for the clip which was not replaced because it’s out of stock in the market.

The truth of the fact is that anyone is discouraged to drive a vehicle without this little thing, the brake pad clip. Everything is no longer normal when not fixed or replaced as in the original part.


Brake pad clips or brake pad springs are the ones that clamp the brake pads to the caliper. Clips or springs hold the pads so they will not move if pressed on the spinning rotor.


Brake Pad Clips-clip


If it happens that the brake pad clips loosen and disentangled, the brake pad will move as it is pressed to the rotating rotor. If the brake pads have already worn and have enough space inside the caliper it might be forced to break and may cause the breakage of the caliper.

Brake Pad Clips-clip

There are a lot of clips different in forms depending on the car model you have or spindle assembly. The older models may be difficult to find such springs and clips if they are lost. Especially producer company may no longer have the interest to have it after how many decades.

Brake Pad Clips-clips

Though these are tiny compared to the whole body of the car you own, however, if you lose these until it has not been replaced your car will stay in your garage or in the shop for a long time. It’s better not to take the risk in driving than to have the courage and be regretful for either yourself or others to be the victim of such a consequential accident.


Brake Pad Clip Brands

There are a lot of brands that you can see on the internet. The following are just some of the brands that we can give as an example for us to orient ourselves.

    1. Genuine Ford Focus MK2 Front Brake Caliper Pad Retaining Spring Clip Brand New

Brake Pad Clips-Ford


2. JNBK Brake Pad Clips

Brake Pad Clips-Japan


3. Nissan Brake Pad Clips

Brake Pad Clips-Nissan


4. Isuzu Brake Pad Clips

Brake Pad Clips-Isuzu


You can find a lot on the internet according to your need and they are quality ones. Different quality of different prices and you can have the choice of what is fit for your budget.

Find Brake Pad Clips here

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  1. Greetings to you! Thank you for posting very valuable information. I think you have explained in particular points well the importance of brake pad clips. It’s true that this small thing cannot be underestimated in its function for without it we cannot take the journey in a distant or near. I congratulate you for posting I will be back to read your new posts

  2. One would not have though that a car is incomplete without the Brake pad clips. Even some unprofessional mechanic would have told someone who haven’t read your article that the spring doesn’t matter(someone like me some minutes ago). Thanks for sharing this vital information, I can’t thank you enough. Bravo! 

    • Hello! Saint Mathew, thank you for your reading and affirming the facts in this post. Maybe you have to teach that mechanic who says you can have a safe trip even without the brake pad clips/springs. I’m sure without the clips the brake pad will easily wear out and will lead to a bigger breakage and then accident.

  3. Hi

    I totally love this post because it is life saving post. Thank you for taking your time to write this because this could save so many people from disaster. Since I have been driving, I have never underestimate the importance of break pad, especially those brake pad springs. That is reason I go to my mechanic time to time to check up my vehicle. Thank you for this 

    • Good to know you do regular maintenance on your car particularly on the brake pads and springs. It is such a life-saving act.

      Thank you for dropping a comment, I hope you are willing to spread the information about what we have discussed.

  4. Hello

    Thsnks for sharing this valuable information. The absolute importance of the brake clips have been rightly explained in your post and I agree. Materials like brake clips matter a lot because without it, your car is a deathtrap. Great information you shared in this post. I am sure broken brakeclips have been causes of accidents all over and people should get sensitized. All the best

    • Thank you, Aweda for sharing your thoughts about brake pad clips. We affirm one thing, brake pad clips cannot be taken for granted they are very necessary for the safety of everyone.

      Please, share the good news about this discussion so everyone gets sensitized.

  5. Thanks for writing on this. I use to tell a friend, if you must buy a car, then you must be ready to give it enough attention, even to the most insignificant part of it. My dad’s car break pad almost cost him his life some years ago. Thanks once again, I love the simplicity at which you write, precise and straight to point.

    • Thanks for reading and dropping a comment. I assume the brake pads were worn out and though the clips are in proper places the brake pad(s) were not able to hold the rotor. If the brake pads ripped out from the caliper I’m sure the clips also had flown away.

  6. I absolutely love this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and intriguing to meYou did an excellent job of providing education and resources; The article was well written and easy to understand. Thanks for sharing your personal experience with us; I also had similar experience some years ago. Break pad is very essential and we ought not to joke with it accountability.

    • Great to have you Ola in this discussion about brake pad clips. We have a similar experience so we can relate well in this concern. 

      Brake pads will never work correctly and exactly as intended when the brake pad clips are out. Brake pads will easily wear out because it will not return to its proper position. The clips are the one to bring it back to the original position after the caliper has been pressed. Without the clips, the caliper returns to its proper place but the brake pads will not.

  7. Hello,

    Good maintenance of vehicles is very important to prevent breakdown. Thanks for this informative post on brake pad clips. Often times, people tend to forget about the little things and this can be very erroneous. As little as the brake pad clips are, if not properly maintained, they can lead to damage of other components in your car or even an accident. 

    • Thanks, Louis we see the importance of these little things and more especially damaged properties and life that could be the victim of inefficient maintenance and irresponsible car owners.

  8. Hi, 

    Thank you very much for sharing with us such an important blog. If I did not read this blog I can not find the details about “Brake Pad Clips”. This blog will be very much helpful to the others who want to be aware of. The most important thing I basically gain from here is brake pad clips are significantly small but the importance of those is really impressive. I will definitely share this blog with my friends.

    • You read it right Seofarhan, brake pad clips are small things but they hold a very important thing in the whole life of a vehicle and the driver including other people. It’s never a joke to drive a car without it.

  9. Great tip and it’s good to learn something new everyday, though I usually service my Car regularly and have friends who know more about Cars than me, today I have learnt the importance of Brake pad clips, I will make sure I have those and it is prudent to have a Car that can have these springs, for my own safety.

    Great information and tip and I know this tip will serve me well.  Thanks

    • Thanks, Cinderella for being part of this discussion. I’m pleased to know that you yourself do services to your car. This speaks you have interest in something different from your office and household chores. Sometimes we can relax doing it.

      Yes, if you feel something is not right with the brakes when you drive it’s better to be addressed immediately. If it’s about brake pad clips it should be fixed before going on a trip. However, this seldom happens.

  10. Brake pad clips certainly cannot be taken out of the equation if you’re concerned about safety and comfortable driving experience. Regardless of its size, the role it plays is so vital that one cannot ignore and I’m glad to read your direct explanation of its essence. I believe a number of accidents that have occurred as a result of brake issues come from this tiny part of the car yet very important in saving people. 

    Thanks for the information and hope to read more. 

    • Hello, DerrAd. Thank you for coming by and dropping your comment. Thank you for affirming my post, that only means we both know what we are talking. And yes, maybe there have been accidents related to the brake pad clips or springs which only were not documented. Spread the importance of having a good journey with the disc brake pad clips.

  11. I’m a very old driver and I know the brakes are most important to the car. Nothing could jeopardize more travelers than the defective brakes. Always be careful with the brakes and there are no important and minor parts on them. This is also seen in this tiny things play significantly in the disc brake system.

    • Thank you, Darko. Your long years of experience as a driver can certainly mean that you understand all about the disc brake system.

      You are absolutely right that every part of the disc brake system plays significantly for the safe and unjeopardized travel.

      I can see you are not so old and you can still propel the vehicle in the right direction so you and other people can do their task efficiently.

  12. Thanks for the article . it was quite short but after reading it I have realised that it was worth it.. Very important to the safety of the drivers on that  road and pedestrians too. I sincerely wish articles are this brief and comprehensive as this one. I loved it thank you 

    • Thanks, Polycarp for the appreciation. It is truly all about the safety of everyone.  Life is precious and we should be careful every time we ride and go on a trip. Little things can work great things.


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