Brake Wheel Cylinder Leaking . Toyota L Engine Guide

Brake Wheel Cylinder Leaking

Brake Drum Assembly with leaking cylinder

There are two possible reasons why a brake wheel cylinder assembly is leaking. First, the cups may have been perforated. Second, the cylinder may have scratches that can no longer be sealed by the cups but this is very rear.


Brake Wheel Cylinder Leaking-brake drum assembly

Why is there a Perforation of the Cylinder Cups

Everything has its limit, it will eventually end at a certain point of time.  What you can see below are cylinder cups. The first two are the perforated and replaced ones and the second two are the new ones.

These are rubberized materials that can be stretched when pressure is applied. As these cups rub against the cylinder every time the brake is applied it will eventually end.  However, the earlier service life is shortened if the cylinder has no end caps to protect the cylinder from dust, water, and mud.

When the cylinder is always dirty due to dust and muds during rainy days the cylinder will corrode and the cups will be easily perforated.

If the cylinder cups are perforated due to fine sand and the cylinder is still good then it would be easier to replace the cups.


However, if the cylinder is pitted then there is no remedy than to replace the wheel cylinder assembly.

The image below is a piston of the cylinder. If this is pitted due to dirt for a long time then it will surely happen to the cylinder also.


Brake Cylinder


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  1. Many thanks to you for sharing your wonderful article with us. There are several reasons for the brake wheel cylinder leakage. The cylinder cup has a limit and it must have expired at a certain point. These are rubberized materials that used to stretch when pressure is applied. These cups have been perforated as many times as the brakes applied to the cylinder. If the cylinder is not protected from dust, water, and mud, it ends sooner. And that is why the cylinder is compressed and the cups are easily perforated. I solved my problem by replacing the wheel cylinder assembly. And that’s how I solve my problems.

    Lastly, I hope everyone will enjoy reading your article and will share their new experiences with you soon .

    • Thanks, Shanta. I hope you’ve learned something necessary to be fixed when a wheel cylinder is leaking. When your car is in the 1990s I’m very sure you don’t need to replace the whole wheel cylinder assembly. What is needed to be replaced are the cups perforated due to dirt.

  2. I am beginning to learn a bit more about motor vehicles and their mechanisms, this is really interesting. Not that I am interested in taking things about my vehicle apart and then refixing them, it’s about me getting the hang or ideas about how various parts and elements of my vehicle work. Who knows I might to able to fix a thing or two without going to the mechanic and this would actually save me some cash. This post has really made me learn some vital informations.

    • Yes, we cannot do all things by ourselves but it’s good to learn and understand some things about our car. It’s just like understanding our own bodies that we can address what we needed to ease any ailments we have. A car is our companion every time we move from one place to place. Who knows you will experience something that is out of the reach of a mechanic, you can do it by yourself.

      Thanks for leaving a comment and learning from this simple post.


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