Call it Engine Pinging . Toyota L Engine Guide

Call it Engine Pinging

Engine pinging is a sound you hear inside the engine that seems to be unusual.  It is a detonation sound or a loud knock.

This ping sound is a symptom of a problem which can be any of the following:

  1.  Improper timing (over-advanced or under-advanced)
  2.  Improper fuel grade (lean fuel condition)
  3. Overheating ( lack of oil)
  4. Improper valve clearance

 What are you going to do with this ping?

  1.  Adjust ignition timing.
  2. Fill with proper fuel grade (regular or premium and do not mix)
  3. Check engine oil and fill it to the proper level.
  4. Adjust valve clearance to the prescription of the manufacturer.

In the case of number 2 problem, improper fuel grade can be an accidental incident.  Experiences tell that some fuel refilling stations accidentally filled some vehicles with the improper fuel like filling diesel engine with a gas.

The immediate solution to this is, the tank has to be emptied and the carburetor or the injection pump must be dried from the improper fuel.

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