Car Rammed Electric Post

The reason for this accident is one simple thing, a nap struck driver.  It is an utmost reminder that you don’t drive on a long-distance journey if you lack sleep.  The following images will show how a driver is unfit during that time. His car rammed electric post.

Car Rammed Electrical Post-private car

The car was from the other lane crossing the other lane and eventually rammed into the electric post.


Car Rammed Electrical Post-accident-private car

The only good thing there was no other vehicle from the other lane that exactly passed at the same time.  If not, a more serious situation would have been inevitable.

The lesson, if you know you are driving the next day prepare and condition yourself.  Have enough sleep and no illnesses at hand.  Although accidents are sometimes believed to be unavoidable, at least we can minimize it with careful thinking and with careful movements.

Dan Simmons said; “Accidents are like death. Waiting for us everywhere. Inevitable. Unavoidable. Plan as we might, they defy our planning.”

On the other side, I firmly believe not all accidents are inevitable and unavoidable.  We can avoid.  Just remember, life is precious and others need you.



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