Circuit Relay Related Issues

Have you had experiences that your car stalled during your journey? It’s difficult to ascertain what could be the cause. This circuit relay issues can be new to you and you need to know about it so you will consider and include it in your diagnoses if ever your car frequently stalls.

You know your battery is in good condition.

You know you have enough fuel.

You know the fuel filter is doing its function effectively.

You might think the injection pump of your car needs to be calibrated.

But wait before you do the laborious and expensive repairs and fixtures, there is one thing you should first check and this is related to electrical issues.

I would like to prove to you what I am saying.  Here goes the story.

For thrice my car has been stalling in the midst and at the crossroads and it was a shameful situation. Isn’t it? I was causing the traffic.  

Because the engine can be cranked but cannot be started we have to push it and after doing so the engine finds its way to start over again.  

There was a time that along the way I have to call for a mechanic to see what was faulty. But as it was a joke the engine started and we got home but after several days it sometimes starts and sometimes it doesn’t.

At this point in time, I called my friend mechanic to once and for all diagnose the issue causing the inconveniences along the way.

We started the engine and as he inspects every angle he happened to bump on the electrical circuit and the engine stopped.

Circuit relay issues-circuit relayWhy Engine Stalls When Hot or During Long Trips-worn out contact points-circuit relay

Now we have discovered that the sockets are too loose and when the car is running and the current line is detached it stalls because no current to burn the fuel.

The following images below are the ones installed in my car.  Maybe your car is newer and you have a more advanced circuit relay.

I have to buy a new one and changed this old circuit relay.

Circuit relay issues-circuit relay

Circuit relay issues-circuit relay


What does this circuit relay do?

This circuit relay controls the electrical flow from the battery to the fuel control valve.  If electrical fails due to a defective circuit relay the fuel control valve doesn’t do anything and the fuel will not flow to the fuel injection pump.

Circuit Relay Issues- Fuel Control Valve

Fuel Control Valve

Although there are some fuel passages that supply the injection pump since there is no current nothing can ignite the fuel in the combustion chamber.

For sure your engine is being cranked but it will not start.



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