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Clutch Master Cylinder Replacement

This is the repair kit that contains the seals in restoring your clutch master cylinder. For a year I replaced the seals twice and on the third time, I cannot ignore it.  Maybe it’s time to replace the clutch master cylinder, the whole thing. Clutch Master Assembly Replacement-Repair KitThere will always come a time that even you want to save parts of your car and opt for repair kits but it’s inevitable to replace the whole thing. Just like this clutch master cylinder, I have thrice changed the seal but it did not take long and it leaked again. Sometimes the leak is indeterminable or unnoticeable and the only indication that its leaking is when you see the fluid is under the indicator level. Clutch Master Assembly Replacement-Clutch Master Assembly Maybe there is something inside that when pressed it hurts the rubber seal forcing to destroy against the pressure. It’s a little bit complicated to understand how it happens but it’s a fact seal are being perforated and it gives way to fluid leak. You will see this in the video below.
My patience in determining what causes the problem has reached its limit and the best way to solve the lurking problem is to replace the whole assembly and that is what I deed.  Clutch Master Assembly Replacement-Clutch Master Assembly ReplacedThis time I can travel putting aside my thoughts on the same thing, leaking clutch master cylinder. If something noticeable problem related to shifting when the clutch master cylinder is fine it will be from other parts of the system and should be diagnosed as early as possible to be safe along your way and travel without delay. Thank you for reading this short story of my experience and I hope I have shared with you valuable thing that can help you get rid of the same dilemma.  

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  1. Sorry to hear that you have had some issues. I am not a mechanic but have a little knowlege on this subect from working with mechanics.
    Sometimes you can buy a new mastercylinder. However, you can also buy a master cylinder that is reconditioned which is basically replacing the seals. Perhaps a brake specialist may be able to advise if there is anything else that needs to be done (like something internal needs machining???) not entirely sure but a possibility.

    When replacing a clutch master it is always best to replace the clutch slave cylinder as well. So that all the pressures are good together. Not sure but I assume your model has both.

    It is just odd that seals keep blowing. Is this just something that is a common occurrence on this model of Toyota?

    • Thank you, KerryAnn. I can see you know what you are saying about this matter. I have replaced already the Master Cylinder with a new one and is now fine. The slave cylinder has always been fine too.

      Both these cylinders have their own problems and they can be fixed separately so you can save by not replacing the two at the same time.

      The issue may have spur due to the quality of the cylinder. There might be a corrosion inside that causes the seal perforates and cannot real seal the oil.

  2. what a helpful post and I love Toyotas – I have owned around 4 and love them as they are well made motor wise and go forever although, yes, sometimes may need a few new parts due to wear and tear

    Good knowledge shared here thank you and who know I might even take on this challenge when needed

    • Thank you Vicki for coming in the discussion. What would you prefer to do, use the repair kit or just replace the whole Master Cylinder?

      In having the repair kit, you just change what is defective inside like oil seal and you can save money.  However, if it will leak again you might opt for the Master Cylinder replacement. What would you do?

  3. I had the same problem with my clutch. I had my car in the shop though and they replaced the seals several times.

    Again and again the clutch didn’t work one fine morning and I had to bring the car to the shop again.

    Now, the next time it happens I will tell them to replace the whole cylinder as well. It’s not worth the Hassel and the labour I pay every time is not free too.

    • That’s right, Stefan. If repaired and it leaked again there is something that destroys the seal inside and that may be irreparable so you have to replace the whole thing, Master Cylinder.

      I’m happy this post helped you realize that important thing.

  4. Greetings! I’m not mechanical, but I still use the car and I like the topics you treat. It’s an interesting website where I’m thinking of a problem that I think many people are curious to know more.Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere because of carelessness. But they can be managed and controlled if we are cautious and are ready to follow simple rules on the car and its control.

    • Thanks Artian. You’ve read all about the accidents I posted. Can you say your opinion, experience with regards to Clutch Master Cylinder. I wanted people learn from your ideas regarding the topic at hand.


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