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Defective Ball Joint Symptoms

What is a Ball Joint?

A ball joint is a component of your car’s suspension and steering.  It is that connects the upper and lower arm suspension to the steering knuckle.

The function of a ball joint is to serve as the pivot of the steering knuckles where the wheels are attached through the spindle.

Defective Ball Joint Symptoms-555 ball joint
Ball Joint


The steering knuckles are where the spindle is attached shown in the image below. That flat round part is the spindle where the four studs are inserted.

Defective Ball Joint Symptoms-steering knuckle
Steering Knuckle with the protruding part


The ball joint is inserted into that protruding part of the steering knuckle.


Defective Ball Joint Symptoms-spindle
Spindle attached to the Steering Knuckle

Defective Ball Joint Symptom-555 Ball Joint
Ball Joint

Defective Ball Joint Symptom

Have you experienced that your front wheels move more than what your steering control does?

When you feel there is more movement than what you can control over your front wheels especially when you turn right and left along the road.  There is somewhat a sudden sway of your front wheels more than your steering wheels can hold, that is a defective ball joint symptom.

When just one of the front wheels’ ball joints is defective it is not obvious.  The other wheel can hold the movement coming from the other wheel. But when both left and right ball joints are no longer working normally, definitely it will be obviously felt and you may wonder why as if your car wants to dance as you proceed along the road.

In slow speed, you can control whatever circumstance it may bring but when more speed is exerted the riskier your situation inside your car will be. It is not a thing that you should ignore but it is a thing that you should fix immediately.


Defective Ball Joint Symptoms-defective ball joint

The Result of a Defective Ball Joint (s)

Because you cannot determine when the extra movement of front wheels come, and you cannot control it, this will cause an accident not only to you but even to other motorists that will coincidentally be on the counter lane.

That little movement from the ball joints will enormously bring a derailment of the car from its proper lane and may hit another car coming from the other lane.

Or when either the ball joints can no longer serve the purpose the wheels will freely flip.

Defective Ball Joint Symptoms-defective ball joint accident

Life is Precious

So why ignore it when you have already noticed something beyond what your steering wheel controls. It is better to be cautious than to be regretful. The safer the better and you can save not only your life but your money that would be used for hospitalization.

Replace your ball joints with the proper brands that will endure the road challenges. The better brand the more secure, the calmer you are.

You can go online and see different suppliers for different brands of what you need. Explore the cheapest one but a brand that you can rely on.

555 Brand 

Defective Ball Joint Symptoms-555 brand


OTHER Brands



Defective Ball Joint Symptoms-GMB brand
GMB Ball Joint

  The 555 brand is the number 1 brand in my location and the GMB brand is the next one. The price differs with a great discrepancy.  You may have better brands in your own location.  All these brands come from Japan.

I hope I’ve helped you with my experience, let’s save lives.

Please leave a comment or an idea that will help our online readers. The comment box is always ready to accept what you will write in it.

Thank you very much. I hope you enjoyed reading.



8 thoughts on “Defective Ball Joint Symptoms”

  1. Thanks for your insights Accad, very helpful. I own a Toyota Rush and now I have learned important information that can assist me take better care for the car. That defective ball joints can end up causing an accident is something, and it’s only wise if one can be on the lookout for such a fault and rectify before tragedy strikes.

    Best regards

    • Good to know you own a Toyota Rush. You have the newest car. The ball joint issue is far from your car but you can share it to people whom you know they own the older models.  Even the passenger jeep or utility vehicles they should be inspected.

      We always want tragedy out of our way.

      Thank you for coming and please come again and bring in your ideas that would help our readers.

  2. So that’s what a ball joint is! I have a question, my car makes creaking noises whenever I turn the steering wheel, is it due to the ball joint? I just recently sent my mazda for service and they claimed to have fixed everything but after a while of driving, there are still creaking sounds sometimes when I drive. Have you ever experience this?

    • I like your question Riaz, we will all learn from that symptom. Please be keen of the sound. Does it come from the turn of the wheels or it comes from the bumps of the car.

      However you said it comes when you turn the steering wheel.  I suspect the ball joints may have dried of grease. I would advice you to go to a refilling station and have all the suspension parts that move as the wheels move left and right, maybe they needed to be filled with grease. 

      After you have done it, please come back and say what’s the result so we can all learn. I’m happy to know if I’m wrong in my advice.

  3. Hello Accad. Thank you for sharing this life and money saving information with us. I have seen accident cases similar to the accident photo on this page. I never knew the proper term to use for the situation in which my front wheels move more than what my steering control does. Now I know it’s defective ball joint symptom. This article is educating…

    Life is very precious, I will get a replacement for my ball joint with the proper brand whenever I discover the symptom.

    • Thank you Barry. Yes, it is a must that we address urgently issues when they call our attention. Cars are like our bodies, when their is a problem we shout for help.  That’s what car symptoms do and we are not only saved from more expenses but our life too.

  4. Oh my God!!!now I understand why my first Toyota car got spoilt beyond what I expected..I love this car so much even more that the SUV I bought recently but one thing I discovered but never take cognizant to it is a fast movement from the front wheel side whenever I turn either left or right.I never knew it was symptom of a defective ball joint..oh my God!! I was thinking it was just one of those frictions until suddenly the wheel got pulled out and even affect some other things ..this is a great eye opener for all car owners especially Toyota products..I love this website

    • Hi, Bigbux. I’m happy you were enlightened by this post. Now you know what you didn’t understand before and you have the responsibility to share it with others so they will not face the same issue as you have had.

      Thank you for stopping by and bringing in your experience that affirms what I touched here in this post.


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