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Defective Link Shaft Symptoms

What is a Link Shaft?

Defective Link Shaft Symptoms-Link Shaft


So, today, we will talk about one particular shaft, and this is the upper suspension arm link shaft.

This part is the one that links the upper suspension arm to the body of the car.

It is a part of the steering suspension that turns up and down as the wheels move.

As you can see in the left image you have the upper suspension arm and the link shaft disassembled.

The link shaft has the bushing detached from the link shaft.  That single link shaft has bushings on both ends. those will serve as the nuts that will be tightened to secure the upper suspension arm.

As the car moves, the wheels bump up and down the link shaft turns up and down too. A time comes that the thread between the link shaft bushing and nut and the link shaft thread will be worn and it will not be fitted to each other.

When the threads are worn the link shaft will loosely move and produces a sound you will never believe that comes from that part.

In different brands, the bushing is a rubber, other than the threaded which serves as a nut. You can see in the image below.

Defective Link Shaft Symptoms-Upper Suspension ArmWhen that rubber bushing is deformed due to time and use of the car it should be replaced.


The symptom is just a sound. You will usually notice it when you drive on a rough road.  When the car bounces up and down particularly the front wheels, you will hear a loud knock sound under your car. This is more obvious in the kind of shaft above, which the bushing is the nut itself.

Bad Effect

This is not so much a consequential accident but when the defect is severe maybe you cannot tolerate it as you go along your way because it’s noisy and will hear that even in a smooth road.

Shaft Replacement

Bring your car to the shop and be inspected.  When the mechanic will tell you that it should be replaced, it should be replaced. Unless you enjoy hearing the noise as you go every day on your journey.

There are brands which we can choose from.  In my country, we have the 555 brand and the GMB brand. They are both from Japan. For other brands, you can find them from any manufacturer and dealers.

Defective Link Shaft Symptoms-Upper Suspension Arm

It is the upper suspension arm that moves up and down as the wheels bump along the road. 

Defective Link Shaft Symptoms-Upper Suspension Arm Link Shaft                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Defective Link Shaft Symptoms-Lower Suspension Arm Link Shaft

The link shaft holds an important role in the suspension steering system. The link shaft rod, the bushing. They may be a rubber or steel they both have a time limit of use.  When that time comes they will complain and you will hear that through a sound. 

When you can still ignore it then no problem but if you can no longer ignore find a time for them to be replaced.

8 Replies to “Defective Link Shaft Symptoms

  1. Greetings Accad. This is another great review from you, many thanks. I read your review on ball joints and was amazed with the detail you provided.

    Noisy rides due to link shaft defects or any part for that matter are a nuisance. Now I know one of the things my mechanic needs to lookout for if there is lots of noise whilst driving on rough terrain.

    Many thanks and best regards.

    1. I’m very happy Victor that my post has helped you in some way. I love to hear from you if after you have fixed your car.  Please come again and contribute your experiences and testimonies.

      Many times we often ignore things until they will cry aloud for us to fix. But how do we know it? Thanks that we can recognize symptoms that warns us.

  2. Good information in this article. I have had this defect on a few of my cars in the past. The worst one was on my Blazer the noise got so loud you would have thought the car would have fallen apart. It got that bad.  The link shafts with the rubber nuts or bushings seem to last longer/ What is your opinion on that?

    1. Thanks Cathy for sharing your experience. It’s true when the lick shafts are bad, as if the car body is broken into pieces especially when in rough roads.

      I think you can have the best brand for your car and it’s your choice. For me I would opt for the design how the car is made even there are options. Sometimes the price of the quality ones can double the price of the low quality ones. When I say quality it has something to do with the manufacturers especially regarding to rubber bushings.

      Please come again next time Cathy and share developments on your car.

  3.  Knowing so little about the cars we drive everyday has definitely become a cause of concern for me and I am thankful I found this article and a new knowledge have been shared with me. I know if the link shaft and its importance in any car but detecting a faulty one is what I never knew, now I do. I will keep an ear out for the sounds my car makes, and I would like t deeply thank you for sharing this informative post. Cheers

    1. I’m very happy Samson that you have learned from this post and you will be ready and attentively listen to the sound your car makes.

      Since you don’t have any issue in your car you can share that learning to other people whom you know you can help.

      Good luck on your journeys with a safe silent and joyful driving.

  4. Hey Accad. This is the second post I am reading regarding cars in your website and I’m enjoying it. Thank you for sharing defective link shaft symptoms. I know I have experience that disturbing noisy sound from other cars and our truck that we use in carrying our goods. I’m glad there isn’t any bad effects although I don’t enjoy it either.

    Thanks… 🙂

    1. Yes, Barry.  Thank you for leaving a comment and I’m happy you enjoy reading my posts. As I said you can ignore it but if you can’t then you better replace it your your quieter trips.

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