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Derailed Tricycle, an Accident

In August 2011 we were going home from an after activity with the group of young people.  Up the winding road between Pagsanjan to Luisiana, Philippines we witnessed from our own eyes this incident.

We were following this tricycle and upon the curve, the driver pressed on the accelerator to put a push on his ride when the force made the imbalance and continuously derailed from the road.  Fortunately, there was a barrier that stopped them from falling to the ravines.  There was a woman on board.

Derailed Tricycle, an Accident-accident


We stopped to lend a help but there were enough people to pull the tricycle from the roadside.

Witnessing what had happened reminds me that an accident can really happen anytime in any place.  The good thing here was no vehicles in the opposite lane.  If there was surely it hit the smaller ride and would have brought a fatal head-on.

Derailed because of imbalance and not the fault of the driver but it’s the power exerted due to the acceleration engaged within the engine.


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