Engine Stalls on Flooded Road . Toyota L Engine Guide

Engine Stalls on Flooded Road

Engine stalls on a flooded road.  Why?

You can check the following causes and solutions and be able to fix your car and go on your journey.

Possible causes:
Grounded, wet, or soaked:
-spark plug

Engine Stalls on Flooded Road-Spark plug-distributor
Engine Stalls on Flooded Road-Distributor


-ignition coil

Engine Stalls on Flooded Road-Ignition coil


Possible Solutions you can do:

It’s simple and easy to solve the problem delaying you in your travel.  Simply wipe off spark plugs, the distributor (inside) and the coil and you are done.

For Diesel Engine

There’s not really a problem when it comes to the diesel engine.  It does not have a spark plug, no distributor, and no ignition coil.  It can survive the flooding unless the water is really deep.  As long as the air cleaner assembly is free from water diesel engine can cross a river.

I saw some remedies done by drivers when they were in an unexpected time and they have to cross rivers and go home. If the river is a little bit wide and the water is deep they remove the propeller and return it after reaching the other bank of the river.

Although this can help I think it is unnecessary to do so especially that you cannot move fast against the water.  It is wise just to go slowly but constantly.


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