Why Engine Stalls When Hot or During Long Trips

Engine stalls when hot or during long trips, possible causes and solutions.

Why engine stalls when hot or during long trips?

One of the common problems along the way is engine stalls when hot or during long trips.  Check for the following possible causes.

  • Vapor lock

  • Sticking choke butterfly plate.


Sticking butterfly plate



  • Defective fuel pump.

    Defective Fuel Pump

  • Carburetor flooding.

    Flooded carburetor

  • Worn out contact points


For you to fix if ever you suspect one of the above causes follow this simple procedure:

  1. Wait until the engine cools off.  Pour cold water over the fuel pump and fuel lines.  To get rid of the problem permanently, insulate the fuel lines with an electrical tape.  Or change your fan with one that has more blades.

  2. Clean the area around the choke and the linkages with gasoline or kerosene.  Then lubricate the pivot points.  Or if your car has a manual choke, check the spring for proper tension.

  3. Disconnect the fuel line at the carburetor side and let someone crank the engine for a moment.  If no fuel comes out, remove the fuel line and flow out the dirt.  If fuel comes out, reconnect the line then try starting.  If it won’t start, operate acceleration linkage and watch for fuel squirting out inside the carburetor bore.  If no fuel squirts out, carburetor needs cleaning or tune-up.  There is a commercially available spray cleaner at gas stations or car accessories store. (eg. STP or WYNNS)

  4. Adjust carburetor float height.  Note;  Carburetor flooding produces a strong gas odor under the hood.  So if you don’t smell gas you probably can eliminate that possibility.

  5. Get a fine cut sandpaper and pass it between the contact points then blow out the dirt.  If this time the engine performs poorly, get to the nearest auto supply and buy new contact points.

Additional Story of a Diesel Engine (Toyota L)

Considering none of the above is the cause of stalling there is one that made me so disappointed after I have just gone to the electrician for electrical repairs and check up.  And the engine is in its break-in period due to overhaul.

For thrice I have been stalling in the midst and at the crossroads and it was a shameful situation thinking that I am causing the traffic.  Because the engine cannot be cranked we have to push it and after doing so the engine finds its way to start over again.  There was a time that along the way I have to call for a mechanic to see what was faulty.  But as it was a joke the engine started and we got home but after several days it sometimes starts and sometimes it doesn’t.

At this point in time, I called my friend mechanic to once and for all diagnose the issue causing the inconveniences along the way.

We started the engine and as he inspects the engine in every angle he happened to bump on the electrical circuit and the engine stopped.

Now we have discovered that the sockets are too loose and when the car is running and the current line is detached it stalls because no current to burn the fuel.

I have to buy a new one and changed this old breaker.


Now my car is running smoothly and does not stall along the way.


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