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Fixing Rear Differential Problems

We are going to work and spend our time in fixing rear differential problems. But before we start our work today let’s assure ourselves of what is happening? What problems are we going to address?  How do we know that the problem is in the differential?

The following symptoms could make us decide that it is a differential problem.

First, a roaring sound, as you drive this sound follows your speed.  The faster you go the sound gradually raises to high tone.  When you decelerate the sound changes to lower tone.  As if you feel you are driving a huge truck but in fact, it is not.

Second, an alert sound when you change gears, there is something like that bumps to each other inside.  At any gear shift, you will hear that sound after you release the clutch and accelerate.

These two symptoms should not be taken for granted.  It should be addressed immediately as long as you have the time to do so.  Not attending to these will cause you more delay along your way and more expenses incurred due to breakage of parts.

Generally, more often these are caused by corroded bearings or tear and ware of parts and are not on their right fittings.  I have a video to show what I was saying and I hope it helps convey the message I am trying to impart.

Steps on how to disassemble the Differential for Repair

First, we have to remove the axles from both sides.  So remove the tires and detach the brake assembly.  Here is the image below.

Fixing Rear Differential Problems rear brake assembly

Second, with that brake assembly, the axle is connected to it so you have to pull it to be removed from the differential.  See the video below.

So the differential is now detached from the housing and is inspected for any parts that are damaged.

The video below will show why the differential has a problem and is having a roaring sound.

Bearings Too Loose

You’ve noticed that by my own hands I took off the bearing which should be tight. What will happen to this is that even I am going to buy a new bearing and replace the old one the problem will remain. Why? The problem is not on the bearing but it’s on the shaft.

To remedy that I brought it to the shop for build up.  They will just weld a little around the shaft and round it again according to the proper size and then press the bearing on it.

Now the bearings are rightly fitted on both sides of the differential we will bring it back to the housing.

So, that’s it we have fixed the problem producing the roaring sound.

After we have assembled it we did have a test drive and good enough all the symptoms were gone.

And for the alert sound that seem to bump each other inside the differential inspect other parts that may have been loose for tightening or have some adjustment.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you have found enlightenment on the differential issue you are looking for.

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  1. Thanks for that. I always used to rely on Haynes manuals when I was younger but your post is way better especially with the videos.

    I currently have a problem with my automatic gearbox. When in reverse after a short distance there will be clunking sound like hitting something, do you have any idea what that might be?

    Just curious.

    All the best,


    • Thank you Abdusalam for dropping a comment here.

      Since transmission checkup and repair is not taken piece by piece and all the parts are inside the box I advise you to take it to the experts unless you are sure of what you will do and you have the complete tools and devices to use.  Anything you observe unusual from the normal and regular sound when you drive should be addressed immediately to save you from more expenses.

  2. I am glad you said that bearings for differential repair should be tight. I took my car in to get it checked out the other day. Thank you for the information on fixing rear differential problems.

    • I’m also glad that this post had helped you in anyway and you agree to what I’ve presented. I see you have a site about gearboxes and you can easily understand issues about engines and all other moving parts of an automobile.

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