Fractured Leg . Toyota L Engine Guide

Fractured Leg

The image below shows how severe the accident had happened on July 27, 2013, at the Caliraya dam.  These people will never forget that day because of the scars on the skin and a fractured bone on the leg.

How could anyone be spared from this kind of incident?

Be courteous behind the wheel

  • Don’t give in to road rage-Be calm, composed in different conditions. Learn the principle of giving and take when driving, frustrations, and rage will not yield a favorable atmosphere for everyone.
  • Leave a safe distance between your car and the car in front of you.  Most rear-end accidents are caused by following too closely. If possible you have to have at least 5 meters away from the car in front of you at a speed of 40kph, 10 meters in 60kph, and greater distance at a greater speed. This is to give yourself space in case there is a sudden stop.

Think of Safety Measures

  • Wear Protective Gears-helmet, jacket, and shoes are greatly helpful when driving a motorcycle.
  • Drive with only one passenger-The more secure you are when you drive a motorcycle with only one passenger. The balancing of the motorcycle can be easier than having two or more passengers.
  • Don’t’ drive when you ingested liquor-When you are drunk, any time the effect of the liquor can be devastating when your body is shaken when you drive. Blurry vision will cause uncontrollable movements.


More tips on how to avoid accidents here.

Fractured Leg-accident image 1



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