Hard Starting Engine Causes and Solutions

When your car has a hard starting engine the following could be the possible causes and solutions?

Here are the possible causes that you have to attend to:

1.  Bad ignition cables
2.  Burned or cracked distributor cap or rotor
3.  Loose primary wirings
4.  Worn or dirty contact point gaps
5.  Incorrect contact point gaps
6.  Defective condenser
7.  Improper ignition timing
8.  Worn spark plug gaps
9.  Incorrect spark plug gaps
10.  Burned ballast resistor
11.  Weak coil

The following could be the possible solutions that you can do

1.  Inspect for dirt, or cracked ignition cables
2.  Inspect for burned or cracked distributor cap and rotor
3.  Tighten all wiring connections
4.  Inspect for worn, dirty, oiled contact points
5.  Refer to your car owner’s manual for the correct contact point gaps
6.  Change the condenser with one that has the same rating for your car.  Before removing anything, study the arrangement of screws, washers and electrical wires.  It has to go back the same way.
7.  Adjust ignition timing
8.  Clean or replace spark plugs.
9.  Adjust spark plug gaps and refer to your car owner’s manual for the correct gap
10.  Remove or bypass the ballast resistor by connecting a jumper wire.  (In other words, short out the resistor terminals).
11.  Test the ignition coil resistance with a multimeter (refer to your manual for the required resistance)





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