Injection Pump Calibration

Injection pump calibration includes replacement of O-rings, oil seals, cleaning and testing with a Test Machine if the injection pump functions accurately so it will be adjusted to the normal settings.

What’s the Purpose of Injection Pump Calibration

Why do you need to calibrate your diesel injection pump?

Try to observe if you notice the following most common symptoms of diesel engine problems that may be attributed to the fuel equipment, the injection pump, and the nozzles:

  1. black smoke
  2. high fuel consumption
  3. inadequate power
  4. hard starting
  5. noise knocking uneven
  6. rough or unsteady idling
  7. engine overheating
  8. high engine oil consumption, and
  9. failure of starter to crank.

When any of the above is observed, the injection pump must be brought to a qualified fuel injection equipment repair and service shop for a thorough diagnosis and for fuel injection pump calibration.

The proper diagnosis of the diesel injection pump is not to be done by a mechanic, but a calibration shop unless the mechanic owns one. The reason is that repair and servicing require high technical expertise and a test machine needed.

It is like a heart bypass that should be administered by a doctor who specialized in heart operations with all the technical tools to handle it.


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6 thoughts on “Injection Pump Calibration”

  1. Thanks for this really nice and simple post. Having a car is everyones dream, but maintaining that care requires a lot and attention need to be given to the various changes that occurs in that car. My dads car have been with me forma while now and I recently noticed black smoke and it uses fuel real fast. I understand the cause of black smoke now, does the fuel issue have to do with the injection pump as well?

    • Thank you, Benson, for leaving a comment and asking a question. You said you recently noticed black smoke and fuel consumption is really fast. I recommend that you consult a mechanic and hear his advice. Please read also the article on the link below which explains some of the causes of thick smoke.

      I would not say this time that your fuel injection pump has a problem, maybe other parts related to combustion have to be fixed.

  2. Yesterday I noticed that not only was the car’s fuel consumption abnormal, but also the blue smoke coming out of the car exhaust. When I visited the oil gauge, I noticed that car oil was two-thirds less than usual. Before going to the mechanics to troubleshoot the problem I came across Injection Pump Calibration post and I think I got the problem and as you said I need to show the machine to the expert to fix the problem. Hopefully no need to replace the cylinder head washer. I will see!. Thanks

    • Hi, Shirian, there are several reasons why a car fuel consumption is abnormal coupled with blue smoke. Please read another article which is related to what you mentioned. I wrote it so don’t worry about it, trust me.

      I would not outrightly say that the issue comes from the fuel injection pump. Thank you for leaving a comment and please share this article if you found it helpful so others can read it too.

  3. Hello Jimmy, its really cool learning about this pump calibration. My var haven’t been exhibiting any of such signs and I haven’t noticed any bofore, but I’m pleased to learn something from this site. However in cleaning this pump, in case I want to do it on my own, what are the equipments I’ll be needing to do it?

    • Hi! Bella,

      I’m happy and thankful for your reading of this article. I like your spirit, you seem to love doing the job of a mechanic because you wanted to clean the fuel injection pump. I would love to recommend you read it again.

      A fuel injection pump is a machine that is part of the bigger machine-the engine. Cleaning outside the fuel injection pump has nothing to do with the issue we identified.  It is by taking out from the car engine and disassembling it and adjusting what is to be adjusted with the help of a test machine-a special tool needed by a specialist.

      Thank you for leaving a comment. I hope you will share it so others can read it and learn something from it.


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