Loud Knocks Stopped the Car . Toyota L Engine Guide

Loud Knocks Stopped the Car

Loud knocks in your engine are not to be ignored rather you have to pay attention and give immediate inspection before it leads you to a severe situation. I would like to share with you an experience to explain what this means to a car owner.

My wife and I traveled around 60 kilometers distance using the 1996 model Toyota L, Tamaraw series, jitney type AUV.  Approximately 30 kilometers far from our point of destination and where we are bound to, we have noticed knocking of the engine.


Toyota L Engine

Hearing that tolerable but disturbing sound, the loud knocks, we continued and were able to reach a ten-kilometer distance.  As we climbed up the road the car stalled.  We rested for a while to cool the engine that is above 180 degrees F temperature.  Maybe the temperature gauge was not functioning correctly because 180 degrees is still tolerable.

The engine was started and upon trying to advance had a loud knock and right there, the engine is dead.  We left the car in the rural site taking a bus downtown.  The following day the car was towed to a mechanic to their shop for an engine overhaul.

Possible causes could be traced from several reasons like overused oil, lack of oil, defective valve seats, valves.

Never ignore symptoms rather address it immediately and you will save time and money. Please read the causes and symptoms of engine power failure, check here.

The engine overhaul had cost a lot for it’s more than 29 thousand pesos and this includes the replacement of parts, machine shop services, and the mechanic’s service fee. The restoration took for almost a month because of the unavailability of parts around the area we have to procure it anywhere else where it is available.

This time we are still using it for church services and ministry and it’s still working efficiently.






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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience on how loud knocks stopped your car. Am sure this article is going to help many that don’t pay attention to there car engine noise. I use to be guilty of that in the past and it cost me a lot of money to get the car fixed and also my time like 3 weeks in my own experience when the car got to the mechanic workshop, I was meant to know that assuming I have stopped the car with pushing forward I will have not had a complex issue with the engine of the car.

    • You are right my friend, that three weeks is a long long time of waiting especially if you need your car for your work. Now we know what to do next time when we encounter issues along our way but I hope this kind of situation will not be repeated because we have already experienced it and we have learned a lot. Thank you for coming to the discussion and I hope you will come again.

  2. I totally agree with your views on this post. Whenever I hear strange sounds coming from my engine, I always stop to have it checked. And if I cannot determine the cause of the sound, I call in an expert to alleviate my fears. It’s much better to take preventive measures than to replace damaged engine parts. Makes me remember the story of the war that was lost because of a horseshoe nail. In the end, prevention is always better than cure

    • Thanks, Louis for that horseshoe nail. I only don’t know if the war was lost because of the importance of that thing or because it was it brought something that sickened the participants of the war.

      Nevertheless, that knock from the engine should not be taken for granted especially if it’s unusual and it should be addressed properly with urgency.

  3. Hi Accad,

    I have read your article on Loud Knocks Stopped the Car, I found it very helpful and informational indeed. The problem you faced can happen to anyone and this will be annoying, so this information should be forwarded to others and I am going to do this. I appreciate your kind work and thank you so much for sharing this article.

    • I’m very glad, Tawhid if you are going to sharing this.  If you do it you will help all those who can read this to be more cautious in their trip and be more concerned with their car maintenance to avoid the same situation. It is better to address the little things than to have many expenses for repairs.

  4. Wow that is scary. As a woman driver and have no idea how to fix or handle the car, I am always on the look out that the car might die on me. Thankfully I haven’t had that loud knock yet but my car was made in 2011 so I gotta be more careful. However, lately when I drive to the country I will hear this bell ringing noise it is hard to explain but I just got my car check and the machanic said everything was fine. Maybe it is the belt? Do you have any suggestion?

    • Thanks, Nuttanee for coming to the discussion. Your car is pretty new than mine with a 1978 engine. If what you hear is like a bell ringing or like a clanking can I’m sure that’s not from the engine but is an outside part and not a serious thing and I hope I’m not wrong. Please let your mechanic examine your Propeller drive.

  5. This reminds me what happened to our family car few years ago. My dad drove to the village during Christmas period. He had a little noise from the inside the car bonet but he ignored it. Not quite long, the care engine was dead. This cost us so much and was a sad experience. The mechanic said we had a bad oil in the car. 

    • Thanks, Kenechi. Maybe your mechanic was right if you have used a low-quality oil. Don’t you know that that was my suspicion too? I thought it would take longer so I did not have an oil change and I noticed the engine is overheating during our trip. What happened was that even I keep on adding a new oil it keeps overheating and the noise kept worsening until the engine was finally and the primary cause was the bearings were crushed.

  6. Most definitely when you start hearing and feeling loud knocks from the engine when driving the car it pays to stop and have a look at what the problem might be. If you don’t it can cost a lot more if more damage is done while you continue to drive.

    I have experienced this myself in the past while traveling. In my case, it was the piston rings that had broken and it eventually caused the entire engine to fail and I had to pay for a complete overhaul. It turned out to be quite expensive and was made worse because I did like you, I kept driving until it quit.

    Thanks for the tips and advice, well stated!

    • Yes, Dave. I really wanted to stop but my mind says you have to bring it home and then have it repaired tomorrow but it did not reach the next day. Thanks for sharing your experience in the same situation. May we have imparted a lesson for others.

  7. I am 100% in agreement when it comes to engine noises.  Always address it right away.  Small problems can become big expensive problems.  I will say though that proper and regular maintenance will go a long way towards preventing most problems.  I’ve learned that lesson myself the hard way. I’ve had a timing belt break, radiator leaks, and transmission failure all because when I was new to driving, I didn’t keep up with basic maintenance.  The repair will always cost more money than the maintenance and it’s not fun being stuck in the middle of nowhere.        

    • Thank you, Leoaqua for sharing your experiences related to our discussion. It’s true that maintenance is a must to make your car work well. Engine oil, joint grease, water for the cooling system, proper tire pressure and many others that we have to pay attention.

      Much more we have to listen carefully to the unusual sounds from our cars these are the symptoms that will lead us to see the parts that need to be repaired. If possible even just the vibration of your car is an important thing to feel and address if there are any problem.

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