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MaxEngine Pro Inc. created a Fuel Additive for Enhanced Engine Performance. Let’s see if this is true or a lie and is another scam. Let’s examine it.


MaxEngine Pro Review-additive tablet inside

MaxEngine Pro Review-MaxEngine Pro Tablets

They say,  MaxEngine Pro Inc. created a new of its kind fuel additive, which can be referred to as a “multi-system additives” group. It differs from the other products of that kind in its shape – it comes in the form of tablets (pills) instead of liquid. MaxEngine Pro main ingredients are petroleum extract and hydrocarbon derivatives. Other special additives also present in the product’s composition, but the producer keeps them secret. The fuel additive is packed in a box, each containing 5 pills. Each tablet treats up to 75 liters or 750-900 km depending on fuel consumption.

Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam will be the first countries where the product will be released for sale.

Reduces Friction Between Metal and Engine Components

I have a problem here, it is expected that any oil or additive you’ll add to your engine must contribute the efficiency to it. But you should not be confused with this for it is a fuel additive and you know where the fuel goes in the engine.  I am very sure the engine components the company refers to are the piston, piston rings and the sleeves that could have direct access to the fuel with the additive for combustion. The fuel additive never goes to the different gears connected to the camshaft and crankshaft which is being lubricated by oil.

If the fuel additive together with the fuel is mixed with the engine oil surely your engine will burst.

Enhances Engine Power

They say this additive can double the horsepower of your engine.  By how?

If the company gives me a sample of my car which is an old one, much better and I will show it to the world.

Let’s do mathematics.  My car has 72 horsepower output (54kw) if I will use that additive it will become 144 horsepower.  That’s how simple I understand the statement, maybe you differ from my understanding.

Could you imagine that this is more than upgrading from Toyota L which is 72 horsepower to the 5L engine which gives 97 horsepower?  You upgraded to four times newer and advanced engine but the horsepower rose to only 25 horsepower, and this is the reality of inventions, companies don’t just double the horsepower.

How come that the fuel additive can double a 72 horsepower of an engine?  It’s unbelievable that by just adding additive you double your engine’s horsepower.  It’s impractical, it’s even illogical.

In fuel consumption when your engine horsepower is doubled meaning your expenses will be lessened by 50% isn’t it?  So if my car consumes a liter of diesel for fifteen kilometers and by adding the additive it should only use 7.5 liters in a 15-kilometer run.

But it’s not, their findings proved fuel consumption is only reduced by up to 17%.  So my fuel consumption is only reduced by 2.5 kilometers.

There’s a big inconsistency between the promotional statements and the actual results.


Automatically Regenerates Engine Component

Their exact words state:
From the moment you put this new fuel additive in the fuel tank, your engine will automatically start regenerating.  The durability of its metal parts will increase up to 5-folds.  You wouldn’t have to constantly think how to protect the engine.  You will not hear any rattle nor feel any vibrations and will most likely forget that your engine has been in disrepair until recently.”

To our readers please think it over and over again that this is a fuel additive, not an oil additive.  So how come that a rattling engine becomes quiet when it will only pass through the combustion chamber.  It will not go to your engine oil so it has nothing to do with different parts of the engine like camshaft, crankshaft, bearings and all others connected to them.  Neither it will harden those all moving parts needing oil except for the piston rings and sleeves because these can be directly be supplied during the combustion process.

Come to think of a fuel additive that will increase the durability of a metal five times is absolutely a lie.  Metal is metal and nothing can add to its durability than the substance mixed when it was melted into a form of an engine part.

The bad thing here is that you can only notice the result after several weeks of using the additive.  While the additive is paid upon delivery you will have the access to the person who brought you the thing you have bought with thousands of Philippine currency.

What if it did not work?  Where can you find the person or an office?  Why not make it available in fuel refilling stations so you know whom you are charging accountability.

To me, if you don’t know anybody personally who has tried or tested the additive you should not rely on persons who deliver to you at any time and any place.  You might be buying an imitation that will actually add trouble to your vehicle.

It is good to be careful and prudent enough than to be sorry at the end. Don’t be fooled by counterfeit for scams are very much available around the internet world.

My friend’s in-law used a fuel additive sometime ago and his engine exploded but the company has nothing to do with it to help with the expenses for a new engine replacement.


When it comes to the best engine oil you use for your engine, company manufacturers do not recommend an additive because they know how it works.

MaxEngine Pro is not an oil additive but a fuel additive so it will not help protect your engine because it will go to the combustion chamber and it will be burned and exhausted.

If you really want to have your engine run in the best condition you better use the synthetic oil. This is the true thing that protects every part of your engine every time you run it. 

The synthetic oil is formulated to give the best protection for both diesel and gasoline engines.


Full Synthetic Oils Include

Castrol Edge Professional Full Synthetic DIESEL OIL SAE 5W-30 C1

MaxEngine Pro Review-Castrol Oil
x4 Liter Castrol Edge Professional Full Synthetic DIESEL OIL SAE 5W-30 C1


Mobil 1 120764 Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-30

MaxEngine Pro Review-Mobil 1
2 PACK new Mobil 1 Full Synthetic Motor Oil 0W-40 5-Quart European Formula


Valvoline 0W-20 SynPower Full Synthetic Motor Oil-5qt (813460)

MaxEngine Pro Review-Valvoline
(Case of 3)Valvoline SynPower 0W-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil – 5qt (813460-3PK)


Pennzoil 550046122 Platinum 5 quart 5W-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil.

MaxEngine Pro Review-Pennzoil
Pennzoil 5W-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil Platinum SAE 550046122 5qt


Shell ROTELLA T6 5W-40 Full Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil.

MaxEngine Pro Review-Rotella
New Shell Rotella T6 5W-40 Full Synthetic Diesel Engine Motor Oil 1gal Bottle


Royal Purple 51520 SAE 5W-20 High-Performance Synthetic Motor Oil.

MaxEngine Pro Review-Royal Purple
Royal Purple 51520 API-Licensed Sae 5W-20 High-Performance Synthetic Motor Oil


There are others I did not include but these are enough to show what synthetic is. I hope I have guided you in some way that you will not be misled by this MaxEgnine Pro additive.

Thank you for your care and protection of your engine.


31 thoughts on “MaxEngine Pro Review”

  1. Hello Jimmy
    Hogwash, these people should not be allowed to make such outlandish claims, they are obviously targeting the naive side of car owners, any logically sane person will see through the hogwash.

    Best to you Jimmy in going forward.


  2. This is  a very fat lie. How can a car fuel additives increase the engine efficiency and even make the old engine which has worn out become efficient again? The fuel additives is not passing through the engine, how come is it going to reflect on the different parts of the car engine whereas is not even Engine oil.

    • Yap, they are distorting information and even the minds of people. As if no one uses common sense. They just want to take your money and bring impending damage to the car.

  3. There definitely seems to be some claims here that should be monitored by someone because they are just saying stuff without backing it up. You said one that that really stood out and that is that you can’t change metal by adding any type of additive, it’s metal and it will be metal after you add whatever to the fuel or to the oil.

    • Hi, Larry. That’s absolutely true, they’re just fooling people and scam them of their money.

      Thank you for backing up our claims that an additive has nothing to do with the metal. A liquid can never turn into metal and makes the engine a magic invention. No companies will say that. It’s a foolish claim.

  4. Hi Accad,

    This is undoubtedly a piece of great information about MaxEngine Pro. I would not know about this serious information if I did not read this article. I am strongly agreed with you and believe that this type of fuel additive is dangerous for everyone. Many people are still don’t know about this issue. I am going to share it with my friends. Thanks for providing such informative tips.

    • Yes, it’s really dangerous. I have a co-worker who has a relative who used an additive to his car and his car engine was blown up and the company did not pay him. Let’s be careful because these companies are not accountable if something happens to our car engine.

  5. Hello Jimmy,

    Its nice reading through your review about this product and am glad I stumbled on such vital information as this. This type of product needs to be stopped because it seems to me they are targeting car owners. Have got few questions here. How can we avoid this type of product? How do I recognize one when I see it? Is it now in the market?

    I think I will need to know more about this product so that I can advice other people and so that I won’t be a victim myself. Once again, thank you so much for your enlightening us in your review 



    • Yes, this is in the market and they have a website to promote this product. MaxEngine Pro is a name to be remembered and rejected when they come to you. This is in a form of a tablet that is directly mixed with the fuel. You can see the images here

  6. You chose an interesting topic to review.  I liked the concept behind what you did and I think it is something that should be challenged with some of the outrageous claims made by the company. 

    This is another scam to rip off people of their money and this should be stopped.

    • Thanks, Larry. MaxEngine Pro is just one of the many additives that have unbelievable claims and that is it regenerates the engine and doubles the power. An additive is an additive and nothing more is to be added with that. Not even companies that manufactured engines recommend an additive. How come an inventor of an additive knows better than the manufacturer of the steel?

  7. You are correct in your views backed with technical ascertions. The makers of such additive have not informed intending users with any clue of how this is meant to double the horsepower of a car. Claim of more durability of metal parts is also laughable as fuel is not suppose to mix with lubricating oil in the engine. I think the product is meant to rip off people who are gullible. 

    • You are right, Richard. This is just made to scam people.  If steel is worn nothing can regenerate that except by melting it again and forming into such engine parts. An additive is liquid and it does not harden as a steel.

  8. Hello Accad, This is very important to point out the false claims on this review that you have made.  This will alert people into having second thoughts first before buying the product.  The statements made by the MaxEngine Pro is ridiculous and you have pointed out the computations to verify that all the claims are not true. Thank you very much for the information

    • Thanks, Francis. It is not true that an additive can regenerate an engine and doubles the power. As if they were saying that you don’t need to buy a newer car you just buy MaxEngine Pro. It’s impractical, it’s just something they use to rip off you of your money.

  9. This seems to happen again and again in the automotive industry these days…and I really don’t know how it works so frequently. A lot of these ‘new’ products claim to do things for your engine, but you’re never really able to check to see if these benefits have happened…so you never know the truth behind the product. 

    Thank you for taking the time to highlight this one for us mate! 

    • Hi, Chris. I appreciate your idea and your doubt about the truthfulness of the product. To me, it’s really hogwash and I will never try to use it just to satisfy what they say about it.

      A fuel additive is different from an oil additive and their campaign is presented as it is an oil additive. Let’s not support all these kind of foolishness because the more we do they will exploit us including other people who are not reading product reviews.

  10. Wow, so now even cars take drugs? That’s absolutely amazing! Petrol gets treated by multi-system additives? I am having a hard time wrapping this around my head. I am a mechanical engineering, and I’ve never heard of such. Maybe, I guess technology left me behind. 

    About your review, I agree that MaxEngine Pro Inc’s multi-system additives sounds too good to be true, with so many obvious exaggerations. 

    So, I’d advice that one treads with caution with products like these. 

    • You are right. We have seen the truth about this additive. It is something that could enhance a clean fuel so it will boost a little of the power of engine but it will not protect the engine. What is really foolish here is that they say it will reduce friction between metal and engine components and automatically regenerates engine components.

      The question is, does fuel go to the engine components or it will just go to the combustion chamber?

  11. When I bought my first car years ago, I couldn’t afford to take it for a service, so my Dad taught me how to service my own car. These lessons have helped me be more knowledgeable about cars and how they work, even though I have gotten lazier as I have gotten older and now take my car for a professional service.

    I must admit, I never gave a thought to what type of oil the car used, I simply bought the cheapest one. This is the first time I have read about synthetic oils or even fuel additives.

    I believe that the claim about the fuel additive other than being a fuel additive is a foolish one. It is proper to take care of your engine with the right kind of oil and not with a fuel additive.

    Thanks for this interesting information, and I will see if my friends have had any success if they use these products.

    • Thank,s Michel. I have proven that synthetic oils are better than conventional oil.  Synthetic oils are purified and are artificially made to suit any vehicle’s protection of the engine. If you use conventional oil the more often you change to ensure the proper viscosity and engine lubrication.

  12. Thanks for this eye opener, I think this product should be in the market already by now and the only way to prevent it’s false claims is to extend this across to people who haven’t heard of this product. It’s a pity many might have fallen victims already but I’m definitely going to share this with friends and family I know. Thanks alot 

    • Thank you, Seun if you are going to share this information. It’s good to teach people about what is authentic, what is true and helpful. 

      We as affiliate marketers are not taught this way.  We should not deceive people but enlighten them of the product so if they buy they will not regret.

  13. I am glad I found this article on MaxEngine Pro. The is an article that everyone should read as it reveals some hidden truth and exposés some lies about car engine. It is a blatant lie by claiming the fuel additives can increase the efficiency of car. Common! This absolutely incorrect. With what evidence are they claiming this? These are hogwash and I hope car owners are not brainwashed with this fat lie. 

    • Thank you, Olalekan for your comment. It is true we should think and analyze what they want us to understand.  If it’s illogical we should not accept and apply, for sure it will bring an untoward effect to our engines.

      If we follow all that we read even they are illogical they made us foolish and they will just take our money for something that is not really working. In effect, it will add a burden to us.

  14. Good afternoon Jimmy,

    Thank you for writing this review on MaxEnginePro and this additive they want you to put in your car.

    Lets face it I am not very technical but I understand all this extra power might harm your motor which was not build for it.

    So, to avoid any problem I think I will stay away from this product. Thank you for the warning.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Right, Taetske. That MaxEngine Pro is a fuel additive so it will not go to all the engine’s moving parts but what they say is it will restore the engine, it doubles the power of the engine.  How come that it will do so when it is not an oil additive.  If it is an oil additive there is a possibility but it’s not.

      That’s the reason I suggested the different oils for the engine which is logical.

  15. Good evening Accad,

    It is good to be careful and prudent enough than to be sorry at the end– I completely agree with this. MaxEngine Pro Review has benefited considerably by reading. We need better fuel for our vehicles, as well as the human body, needs balanced food. Due to the lack of proper care, many vehicles are shattered. Would you mind if, what is the price of the product?

     However, thank you very much for such a wonderful review.


  16. I have a question, if you only use 1 litre per 15km, why when you add the fuel additive would you then use 7.5 litres per 15km?  Don’t you mean, 0.75 litres, or even better, 0.5 litres?
    You do have a valid point regarding fuel versus oil in the engine.  It’s definitely not an engine lubricant and we thank you for bringing this to our attention and giving us other alternatives to use instead.

    • Thanks, Edu. You are right in your observation that should be 0.5, not 7.5 liters. That’s an honest error and I will be editing it. 

      Their claim is not difficult to understand we can just use our common sense, they are trying to convince anyone to join them in their foolishness. I would agree if they just centered on the effect of the additive on the engine power, decrease in fuel consumption.  Adding what is illogical destroys the product rather than promote it.


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