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MaxEngine Pro Inc. created Fuel Additive for Enhanced Engine Performance. Is this true or is a lie and is another scam?  Let us examine this.


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They say,  MaxEngine Pro Inc. created a new of its kind fuel additive, which can be referred to “multi-system additives” group. It differs from the other products of that kind in its shape – it comes in form of tablets (pills) instead of liquid. MaxEngine Pro main ingredients are petroleum extract and hydrocarbon derivatives. Other special additives also present in product’s composition, but producer keeps them secret. The fuel additive is packed in a box, each containing 5 pills. Each tablet treats up to 75 liters or 750-900 km depending on fuel consumption.

Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam will be the first countries where the product will be released for sale.

Reduces friction between metal engine components

I have a problem here, it is expected that any oil or additive you’ll add to your engine must contribute efficiency to it. But you should not be confused with this for it is a fuel additive and you know where the fuel goes in the engine.  I am very sure the engine components the company refers to are the piston, piston rings and the sleeves that could have direct access to the fuel with the additive for combustion. The fuel additive never goes to the different gears connected to the camshaft and crankshaft which is being lubricated by oil.

If the fuel additive together with the fuel is mixed with the engine oil surely your engine will burst.

Enhances engine power

They say this additive can double the horsepower of your engine.  By how?

If the company gives me a sample of my car which is an old one, much better and I will show it to the world.

Let’s do mathematics.  My car has 72 horsepower output (54kw) if I will use that additive it will become 144 horsepower.  That’s how simple I understand the statement, maybe you differ from my understanding.

Could you imagine that this is more than upgrading from Toyota L which is 72 horsepower to the 5L engine which gives 97 horsepower?  You upgraded to four times newer and advanced engine but the horsepower rose to only 25 horsepower, and this is the reality of inventions, companies don’t just double the horsepower.

How come that the fuel additive can double a 72 horsepower of an engine?  It’s unbelievable that by just adding additive you double your engine’s horsepower.  It’s impractical, it’s even illogical.

In fuel consumption when your engine horsepower is doubled meaning your expenses will be lessened by 50% isn’t it?  So if my car consumes a liter of diesel for fifteen kilometers and by adding the additive it should only use 7.5 liters in 15-kilometer run.

But it’s not, their findings proved fuel consumption is only reduced up to 17%.  So my fuel consumption is only reduced by 2.5 kilometers.

There’s a big inconsistency between the promotional statements and the actual results.

Automatically Regenerates Engine Component.

Their exact words state:
From the moment you put this new fuel additive in the fuel tank, your engine will automatically start regenerating.  The durability of its metal parts will increase up to 5-folds.  You wouldn’t have to constantly think how to protect the engine.  You will not hear any rattle nor feel any vibrations and will most likely forget that your engine has been in disrepair until recently.”

To our readers please think it over and over again that this is a fuel additive, not an oil additive.  So how come that a rattling engine becomes quiet when it will only pass through the combustion chamber.  It will not go to your engine oil so it has nothing to do with different parts of the engine like camshaft, crankshaft, bearings and all others connected to them.  Neither it will harden those all moving parts needing oil except for the piston rings and sleeves because these can be directly be supplied during the combustion process.

Come to think of a fuel additive that will increase the durability of a metal five times is absolutely a lie.  Metal is a metal and nothing can add to its durability than the substance mixed when it was melted into a form of an engine part.

The bad thing here is that you can only notice the result after several weeks of using the additive.  While the additive is paid upon delivery you will have the access to the person who brought you the thing you have bought with thousands of Philippine currency.

What if it did not work?  Where can you find the person or an office?  Why not make it available in fuel refilling stations so you know whom you are charging accountability.

To me, if you don’t know anybody personally who have tried or tested the additive you should not rely on persons who deliver to you at any time and any place.  You might be buying an imitation that will actually add trouble to your vehicle.

It is good to be careful and prudent enough than to be sorry at the end. Don’t be fooled by counterfeit for scams are very much available around the internet world.

My friend’s in-law used a fuel additive sometime ago and his engine exploded but the company has nothing to do with it to help with the expenses for a new engine replacement.

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  1. Hello Jimmy
    Hogwash, these people should not be allowed to make such outlandish claims, they are obviously targeting the naive side of car owners, any logically sane person will see through the hogwash.

    Best to you Jimmy in going forward.


    • Thank you, Gary, for affirming my view. They are trying to make money on false hopes and unrealistic things.

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