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Oblong Rear Tire Can Seriously Deceive You

I have been deceived for almost two months until I have discovered that the problem does not lie on the engine nor on the transmission but something else.  Watch the video before you continue to read what I would like to share with you this time.

The first time I felt as if the break was not evenly fitted or something wrong in the transmission.  I paid time to check the brakes but they were in proper positions.

Not sure of what is the problem all about we continually used the vehicle.  But as time went on the more eminent the disturbing sound and shaking especially when loaded.

I had to look for a mechanic and since there’s evident sound coming from the differential I decided that it be fixed.  However, we have already fixed the problem in the differential but that shaking remained.

I consulted another technician and we even tested and he said, maybe it’s the clutch.  I inquired if how much would be the expenses if ever his suspect is right.  He answered, maybe you will spend a maximum of five thousand pesos.

Because I don’t have that amount I did not let it be disassembled. A week passed and I was still using the vehicle for church work not so far so it would not incur much difficulty if ever it stalls.

This time I went to our friend and fellow church member and a mechanic.  We rode the vehicle and drove along the highway. After around three kilometers we stopped on a safe place along the highway and jacked the rear tire one after the other.

As per instruction of the mechanic I started the engine and let the tire rotate.  The right rear tire was not rotating smoothly but the left rear tire was still good.

It’s not a problem of the wheel but the tire that is already oblong.  As you have viewed on the video above the rotation is not normal.

Because the mechanic said that the tire should be replaced I have to do so.  I had to look for tire center and it caused me eighteen kilometers to have it replaced. Not only one tire but both because the problem might be repeated.

It cost me more than seven thousand pesos but it solved the problem.  We went home with joy and satisfaction that our expenditures went to the right thing.

It’s really deceiving because in my own impression the tires are still new because the grids are still deep and didn’t show a serious and impending ware and tear problems.

Now I know that you cannot judge a book by its cover.  Although the tire appears to be durable the six years speak that it’s time to be replaced.

Now it’s safer ever again and you can be calm as you drive anywhere. Thanks to the mechanic.



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  1. Wow, this is great to know! I’ve got an old car myself and I’ve been slowly getting her fixed, and I’m going to be taking over most of the work from here, so this is definitely a helpful article. It’s good to learn about every little issue that can go wrong so I’ll be prepared for everything. Thanks for the info!

    • Yes, Sara.  It’s good to once in a while we do the work to burn the calories and cholesterol.  It is also a joy to have fix issues by yourself.

      Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment.

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