Overhauling Gasket Package Not All Fitted . Toyota L Engine Guide

Overhauling Gasket Package Not All Fitted

The producer company may have made a mistake in packaging the materials for Toyota L series which may have identical gaskets but not exactly the same, or its really the one but they made a mistake in the measurement and so produced a not fitted one.

I am referring to the head cover gasket referred to as valve gasket for Toyota L upon knowing that the mechanic had a difficulty in placing the gasket during the assembly of the engine. Because it is in the package so he believes it must be the right one that fits.

Until after a week of test drive that I noticed when we opened it for timing adjustment and to check the valve gaps. It was really stretched and it shows that it is not a normal fitting.

Because the alignment of the gasket is somewhat tilted I have to find for something that is better. Because there was no available head cover gasket for Toyota L I bought the one for Toyota 2L head cover gasket and it fits. The video below will prove the anomaly about the case.

The video above shows the fact that not all in the package of Toyota L overhauling gasket are fitted. Even if you reverse the placement it’s really too far to fit.



This video shows the exact gasket that is bought from Toyota 2L head cover gasket.

I wonder why the company causes confusion to Toyota L series users and customers by having different series with the same parts. The engine is Toyota L and you have to look for Toyota L parts and accessories. It is not bad if you can find parts exactly the same in Toyota 2L but when you are given a package with any of the parts unfit that makes it considerably defective and the producer company has to replace it for free.


Reminder and Warning
Be sure to inspect all overhauling gasket package before you use it one by one. The only way to assure that you have all the gaskets fit is to take with you to the auto supply center all the samples to be replaced.
This is to avoid extra ordinary expenses in buying another part you needed just because some of what is in the package is unfit.

It is also saving time and effort in doing repairs to your car or vehicle.

2 thoughts on “Overhauling Gasket Package Not All Fitted”

  1. Hi Accad. Thank you for your blog on the Gaskets for the Toyota L series. If I hadn’t of read your article I would never have known about this. I own a Toyota L series and, if this gasket is truly an issue, then it’s wise to know and learn more about it. Thanks to you I will be able to look into it and understand the problem better. All the Best.  Jim

    • Yes, Jim. I never thought the company can make a grave mistake in packaging their products. It’s so frustrating to have bought everything and after all it does not fit.

      I’m happy you own a Toyota L series and I’m sure your car is newer than mine. Since we have connected to each other we learn together.  It’s good to share our experiences here online so others may learn too.


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