Defective Link Shaft Symptoms

What is a Link Shaft?

Defective Link Shaft Symptoms-Link Shaft


So, today, we will talk about one particular shaft, and this is the upper suspension arm link shaft.

This part is the one that links the upper suspension arm to the body of the car.

It is a part of the steering suspension that turns up and down as the wheels move.

As you can see in the left image you have the upper suspension arm and the link shaft disassembled.

The link shaft has the bushing detached from the link shaft.  That single link shaft has bushings on both ends. those will serve as the nuts that will be tightened to secure the upper suspension arm.

As the car moves, the wheels bump up and down the link shaft turns up and down too. A time comes that the thread between the link shaft bushing and nut and the link shaft thread will be worn and it will not be fitted to each other.

When the threads are worn the link shaft will loosely move and produces a sound you will never believe that comes from that part.

In different brands, the bushing is a rubber, other than the threaded which serves as a nut. You can see in the image below.

Defective Link Shaft Symptoms-Upper Suspension ArmWhen that rubber bushing is deformed due to time and use of the car it should be replaced.


The symptom is just a sound. You will usually notice it when you drive on a rough road.  When the car bounces up and down particularly the front wheels, you will hear a loud knock sound under your car. This is more obvious in the kind of shaft above, which the bushing is the nut itself.

Bad Effect

This is not so much a consequential accident but when the defect is severe maybe you cannot tolerate it as you go along your way because it’s noisy and will hear that even in a smooth road.

Shaft Replacement

Bring your car to the shop and be inspected.  When the mechanic will tell you that it should be replaced, it should be replaced. Unless you enjoy hearing the noise as you go every day on your journey.

There are brands which we can choose from.  In my country, we have the 555 brand and the GMB brand. They are both from Japan. For other brands, you can find them from any manufacturer and dealers.

Defective Link Shaft Symptoms-Upper Suspension Arm

It is the upper suspension arm that moves up and down as the wheels bump along the road. 

Defective Link Shaft Symptoms-Upper Suspension Arm Link Shaft                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Defective Link Shaft Symptoms-Lower Suspension Arm Link Shaft

The link shaft holds an important role in the suspension steering system. The link shaft rod, the bushing. They may be a rubber or steel they both have a time limit of use.  When that time comes they will complain and you will hear that through a sound. 

When you can still ignore it then no problem but if you can no longer ignore find a time for them to be replaced.


Defective Ball Joint Symptoms

What is a Ball Joint?

A ball joint is a component of your car’s suspension and steering.  It is that connects the upper and lower arm suspension to the steering knuckle.

The function of a ball joint is to serve as the pivot of the steering knuckles where the wheels are attached through the spindle.

Defective Ball Joint Symptoms-555 ball joint

Ball Joint


The steering knuckles are where the spindle is attached shown in the image below. That flat round part is the spindle where the four studs are inserted.

Defective Ball Joint Symptoms-steering knuckle

Steering Knuckle with the protruding part


The ball joint is inserted into that protruding part of the steering knuckle.


Defective Ball Joint Symptoms-spindle

Spindle attached to the Steering Knuckle

Defective Ball Joint Symptom-555 Ball Joint

Ball Joint

Defective Ball Joint Symptom

Have you experienced that your front wheels move more than what your steering control does?

When you feel there is more movement than what you can control over your front wheels especially when you turn right and left along the road.  There is somewhat a sudden sway of your front wheels more than your steering wheels can hold, that is a defective ball joint symptom.

When just one of the front wheels’ ball joints is defective it is not obvious.  The other wheel can hold the movement coming from the other wheel. But when both left and right ball joints are no longer working normally, definitely it will be obviously felt and you may wonder why as if your car wants to dance as you proceed along the road.

In slow speed, you can control whatever circumstance it may bring but when more speed is exerted the riskier your situation inside your car will be. It is not a thing that you should ignore but it is a thing that you should fix immediately.


Defective Ball Joint Symptoms-defective ball joint

The Result of a Defective Ball Joint (s)

Because you cannot determine when the extra movement of front wheels come, and you cannot control it, this will cause an accident not only to you but even to other motorists that will coincidentally be on the counter lane.

That little movement from the ball joints will enormously bring a derailment of the car from its proper lane and may hit another car coming from the other lane.

Or when either the ball joints can no longer serve the purpose the wheels will freely flip.

Defective Ball Joint Symptoms-defective ball joint accident

Life is Precious

So why ignore it when you have already noticed something beyond what your steering wheel controls. It is better to be cautious than to be regretful. The safer the better and you can save not only your life but your money that would be used for hospitalization.

Replace your ball joints with the proper brands that will endure the road challenges. The better brand the more secure, the calmer you are.

You can go online and see different suppliers for different brands of what you need. Explore the cheapest one but a brand that you can rely on.

555 Brand 

Defective Ball Joint Symptoms-555 brand


OTHER Brands



Defective Ball Joint Symptoms-GMB brand

GMB Ball Joint

  The 555 brand is the number 1 brand in my location and the GMB brand is the next one. The price differs with a great discrepancy.  You may have better brands in your own location.  All these brands come from Japan.

I hope I’ve helped you with my experience, let’s save lives.

Please leave a comment or an idea that will help our online readers. The comment box is always ready to accept what you will write in it.

Thank you very much. I hope you enjoyed reading.




Overheating Engine-Freewheeling Radiator Fan

Have you seen a freewheeling radiator fan?

Radiator fan or cooling fan is a part of the cooling system of an engine. It is attached to the front of the engine facing the radiator to cool it whenever the engine starts and the car is used on a trip or a journey.

The radiator fan blade is not fixed like other fans such as electric fans. It’s neither like the processor fan of a computer that is too loose. The story below tells you more about this for you to understand in case you still don’t, why a radiator fan is designed in such a way that it can turn left and right but not too loose.

It was far from my own belief that this situation has been the long-lurking issue of engine overheating since the engine was overhauled.

Nobody of us noticed that this radiator fan is no longer working efficiently and posed us to wonder for several months.

Until just this week we happened to discover because we were trying to analyze if the water pump is working. As we were contemplating my assistant happens to touch and move the radiator fan, and there it’s freewheeling. Please see the video below.

In normal condition, the radiator fan should not rotate freely. It should hold the fan blades quite stiff but not permanently. It should rotate both clockwise and counter-clockwise but not too loose.

Because this radiator fan is freely turning left and right when the engine runs the radiator fan blades will not rotate to the maximum speed to cool the radiator. The result would be engine overheating even in highways and smooth roads. The more the engine overheats when rev is exerted to climb uphill.

That was the case so we have to restore this failing radiator fan. Please watch how it was disassembled.

So it was disassembled and cleaned and refilled with silicon oil. It is not so complicated it is easy to disassemble and clean.

What tools and materials you need to restore this model are a 10 mm socket wrench, a Philip screwdriver, an impact driver, and a silicon oil-four pieces of the size shown in the picture.

Overheating Engine-Free Wheeling Radiator Fan-10mm socketOverheating Engine-Free Wheeling Radiator Fan-Impact drive

Overheating Engine-Free Wheeling Radiator Fan-Philip Screw Driver

Overheating Engine-Free Wheeling Radiator Fan-Silicon oil

As you see it in the video the fan blades are no longer freewheeling.  The silicon oil holds it but not so firmly and not too loose so that when the engine runs the cooling fan rotates.


Why is the Cooling Fan Not Fixated?

The purpose of that design is to give flexibility to the fan blades so that when something hard is accidentally inserted when the engine is running it will not be forcibly broken.

As the hard object is still there and the engine continues to run the fan blades will stop without being broken and you will have the time to remove that hard object.

No engine breakage, no cooling fan breakage too and the journey continue.

If you are sure your cooling fan cannot be rebuilt go to the alternative ones. Have them here.

Overheating Engine-Freewheeling Radiator Fan-Car on a journey




Hard Brake Pedal Cause

Have you experienced along your way that your brake has made you so nervous?

Your brake pedal was so hard to press and yet your brake doesn’t grip the brake disk and your vehicle continues to advance.

Hard Brake Pedal Cause-brake pedal


Before anyone starts the journey at least he must have inspected the brake system, meaning the brake fluid level, the brake pads by testing how it grips the brake disks a day before the travel and I usually do this.

But one day I got so nervous that the brakes were not working normally. I assured myself that everything was fine because brake fluid was full, no brake fluid leaks, brake disks were fine. I went on to the whole journey with a very cautious driving thinking of what has been causing the problem.

Thankfully I got home safely. The following day I tried to look into the problem without any knowledge of how a power brake works.  I know what a power brake vacuum booster is but I don’t understand why it is connected to the alternator.

As I look into the tube connected to the power brake booster and onto the alternator I noticed a certain part that joined the two, and it is this small thing below, called check-valve.

Stiff Brake Pedal Causes -Check Valve

Check Valve


Stiff Brake Pedal Causes-power booster vacuum


This is the power brake vacuum booster wherein the hose in the image below is attached.





Stiff Brake Pedal Causes-vacuum tube or hose


This is the power brake vacuum booster hose connected to the alternator.




Stiff Brake Pedal Causes-alternator

This is the alternator that charges the battery when the engine is running.

But it also helps in the brake system. The air produced by the alternator that passes through the hose and goes to the vacuum booster helps create pressure to push the brake piston when you press the brake pedal.

In between the alternator and the brake vacuum booster is the check-valve which is shown below. 

Stiff Brake Pedal Causes-illustration



This power brake check valve connects the power booster and alternator through a hose. In between the hoses, this check-valve is inserted.





Stiff Brake Pedal Causes-Melted check valveOn the images above the check valve is near the power booster but in my car, it is near the alternator. I noticed that this thing has been over the exhaust manifold and it was melted so it cannot function normally.





The video below illustrates the place of the check valve. Please watch.


The check-valve used here in this car model is simple, it looks not like a booster check valve.  You can find different images and see what is used in your car because there are a lot. Check it here.

That made everything about brake system problematic which anyone cannot immediately determine.

It’s good I accidentally noticed it and I learned a lot and that learning is worth-sharing.    







You Need Not Overhaul Transmission-Problematic Shifting

At first, I noticed the first gear is so stiff to engage but I ignored it for quite a long time.  Then comes the next the fourth gear became so obvious. Then after how many weeks the shifting is so abnormal that engaging the first gear goes to the third gear and from first gear to the second gear it shifts to the fourth gear. The position is normal and you feel it engages until when you press the acceleration that you will notice it’s not on the desired gear to engage with. I’m so sad about this thing because I was thinking that there will be no other way to fix the problem rather than to overhaul the transmission and that is quite a hard task and a lot of money for the expenses of a mechanic and the parts to be replaced. So I called on the mechanic that I will be seeing him for consultation.  He, however, is in the province for a vacation and they will be coming back home that week.  So for the meantime, I was curious to see what I can do out on the issue at hand. By removing the shift booth, I inspected the shifting handle, and I saw all the screws are all in place.  Nevertheless, I removed the screws to see what may be defective of the shifting handle. I saw the perforations and I thought I found the problem to be addressed, it’s the shifting handle.



Two Things to Fix on this Issue The shift handle and the shift handle tip bushing. Please refer to the image below.

You Need Not Overhaul Transmission-Problematic Shifting-Defective Shifting Handle You Need Not Overhaul Transmission-Problematic Shifting-Perforated Shifting Handle Bushing


I brought that thing to the auto supply center to buy for a new one. But the salesman said the shifting handle is not the problem.  It’s not even the obvious perforations on it, instead, he brought out a plastic to be placed over the tip of the shifting handle and that will resolve everything.

You Need Not Overhaul Transmission-Problematic Shifting-Shifting Handle Bushing

You Need Not Overhaul Transmission-Problematic Shifting-Shifting Handle Bushing


Shift Handle Bushing           So I was so happy to know that the salesman is knowledgeable.  I do not need to replace the shifting handle I do not need a mechanic to overhaul the transmission to see the mechanical defects inside the shifting system.  I only need a small plastic, in other words, the shifting handle tip bushing which is just worth 40 pesos in our currency and I can drive again my vehicle normally.

You Need Not Overhaul Transmission-Problematic Shifting-with Shifting Handle Bushing

Shift Handle


Before I can see my friend mechanic I consulted another mechanic and he said that the shifting handle should be replaced.  Who is more knowledgeable, the mechanic or the salesman? If I was not curious enough to work and to discover what is really the cause of the problem, surely, I would not be saved from a thousand pesos for a mechanical fee and for unnecessary part replacement. However, I took the initiative and took the thing to the Machine Shop for restoration. If I decided to buy a new shifting handle it would cost from three to four thousand pesos and that is too much for me. In the Machine Shop, almost everything has a solution.  They know what to do and they will tell you if they cannot restore a thing. For the restoration of the shift handle, it cost me three hundred pesos only.

You Need Not Overhaul Transmission-Problematic Shifting-Restored Shifting Handle You Need Not Overhaul Transmission-Problematic Shifting-New Shifting Handle Bushing


Sometimes we need the guts to learn and be free from the time and budget burdens. However, if you have replaced that bushing and it will not stay long and be perforated again it will lead you to examine other related matters. What idea can you share with our readers?  Please don’t hesitate to discuss it here, your experience might be a great help to others.


Clutch Master Cylinder Replacement

This is the repair kit that contains the seals in restoring your clutch master cylinder. For a year I replaced the seals twice and on the third time, I cannot ignore it.  Maybe it’s time to replace the clutch master cylinder, the whole thing. Clutch Master Assembly Replacement-Repair KitThere will always come a time that even you want to save parts of your car and opt for repair kits but it’s inevitable to replace the whole thing. Just like this clutch master cylinder, I have thrice changed the seal but it did not take long and it leaked again. Sometimes the leak is indeterminable or unnoticeable and the only indication that its leaking is when you see the fluid is under the indicator level. Clutch Master Assembly Replacement-Clutch Master Assembly Maybe there is something inside that when pressed it hurts the rubber seal forcing to destroy against the pressure. It’s a little bit complicated to understand how it happens but it’s a fact seal are being perforated and it gives way to fluid leak. You will see this in the video below.
My patience in determining what causes the problem has reached its limit and the best way to solve the lurking problem is to replace the whole assembly and that is what I deed.  Clutch Master Assembly Replacement-Clutch Master Assembly Replaced This time I can travel putting aside my thoughts on the same thing, leaking clutch master cylinder. If something noticeable problem related to shifting when the clutch master cylinder is fine it will be from other parts of the system and should be diagnosed as early as possible to be safe along your way and travel without delay. Thank you for reading this short story of my experience and I hope I have shared with you valuable thing that can help you get rid of the same dilemma.  

Clutch Use and Function

This is a clutch disk of Toyota L engine. It is not noticeable that this has already a defect upon driving but since the engine was overhauled and is obviously thin it should be replaced to minimize time and work.

Clutch Disk-Use and Function-Replaced Clutch Disk side A

Clutch Disk-Use and Function-Replaced Clutch Disk side B

1. Components of the Clutch


It could also be seen in this point of view

  • the hub


  • the cover plate

  • the rivet

  • the friction surface

  • the spring



Clutch Disk-Use and Function-New Clutch Disk

2. The Function of the Clutch

The clutch is located between the engine and transmission. The clutch engages the engine with the transmission to move the vehicle. In the same way, the clutch disengages the engine from the transmission by pressing it and changing gears to neutral thereby you can you can halt your vehicle through the break.

A detailed explanation of how the clutch works are viewed here:


3. Types of Clutch (Hino)

Single Plate Type-This refers to clutches that use a single clutch disc between the flywheel and pressure plate. These types of clutches have simple construction, are lightweight, do not require large movements of the pressure plate, offer a good clutch response, and allow quicker gear shifting. The majority of Hino manual transmission vehicles currently use this type of clutch.

Dual Plate Type-This refers to clutches that use two clutch discs between the flywheel and pressure plate. These types of clutches are able to transmit greater torques and have smaller disc circumferences and consequently smaller inertial moments, which means they require less shifting force and pedaling force. These types of clutches are currently not used on many Hino vehicles.

4. Clutch Disk Materials

Molded disc-This type of disc produces less shock when the clutch engages. This means that this type has relatively fewer adverse effects on the drive train, and there is no need to replace the clutch cover or flywheel when replacing the disc.

This type of disc enables a greater half-clutching range, making it easier to operate the vehicle with the clutch not fully engaged. The outer edge of the disc is lightweight, producing less inertial moment and improves clutch response at high engine revolutions.

Metal disc-Metal material is durable and therefore offers a longer life cycle. Metal material offers good temperature characteristics with greater resistance to fading, which means that there are fewer adverse effects on performance caused by high temperatures, and less slippage even when the clutch is used extensively in the half-clutch state.



Overhauling Gasket Package Not All Fitted

The producer company may have made a mistake in packaging the materials for Toyota L series which may have identical gaskets but not exactly the same, or its really the one but they made a mistake in the measurement and so produced a not fitted one.

I am referring to the head cover gasket referred to as valve gasket for Toyota L upon knowing that the mechanic had a difficulty in placing the gasket during the assembly of the engine. Because it is in the package so he believes it must be the right one that fits.

Until after a week of test drive that I noticed when we opened it for timing adjustment and to check the valve gaps. It was really stretched and it shows that it is not a normal fitting.

Because the alignment of the gasket is somewhat tilted I have to find for something that is better. Because there was no available head cover gasket for Toyota L I bought the one for Toyota 2L head cover gasket and it fits. The video below will prove the anomaly about the case.

The video above shows the fact that not all in the package of Toyota L overhauling gasket are fitted. Even if you reverse the placement it’s really too far to fit.



This video shows the exact gasket that is bought from Toyota 2L head cover gasket.

I wonder why the company causes confusion to Toyota L series users and customers by having different series with the same parts. The engine is Toyota L and you have to look for Toyota L parts and accessories. It is not bad if you can find parts exactly the same in Toyota 2L but when you are given a package with any of the parts unfit that makes it considerably defective and the producer company has to replace it for free.


Reminder and Warning
Be sure to inspect all overhauling gasket package before you use it one by one. The only way to assure that you have all the gaskets fit is to take with you to the auto supply center all the samples to be replaced.
This is to avoid extra ordinary expenses in buying another part you needed just because some of what is in the package is unfit.

It is also saving time and effort in doing repairs to your car or vehicle.

Exhaust and Intake Valves Installation-Toyota L Engine Guide

It’s enlightening to know how to do it if you have enough guide to follow.  It will not waste your time and you can avoid mistakes and control or lessen expenses.

In the engine valves installation, there are hints that let you realize that every valve is not to be inserted in any valve guide.

Engine Valves Installation-My Dream Wheels-Toyota L Intake ValveEngine Valves Installation-My Dream Wheels-Toyota L Exhaust Valve







On the Toyota L engine, valves are arranged from 0 to 3 marks. It is found on the flat surface of the valves. If you cannot find it there examine the whole valve to be sure that nothing will be interchanged rather they are in the proper places.

The arrangement should start from cylinder one which is the nearest to the front of the engine. If that is the case cylinder one receives exhaust and intake valves with no marks and the other cylinders receive the valves with their own marks from 1 to 3 respectively.