Reasons Why You Need an Engine Overhaul

Overhauling an engine is an expensive process which to any car owner is undesirable.  

This is what you expect when you bring your engine into a shop for overhauling. Calculated in pesos, the Philippine currency.

P5,000   Service fee for the mechanic;

P12,000 Machine shop repair and service fee, this includes
cylinder head resurface
cylinder honing
cylinder sleeving
main journal regrind
connecting rod journal regrind
connecting rod fitting/conversion
connecting rod bushing hydro bore honing
main housing and caps line boring
valve refacing
valve guide replace
valve seat ring insert
turbo blast degreasing
and oil seal build up

P13,500 Cost of parts to be bought
This includes a set of overhauling 
a set of piston rings
a set of connecting
 rod standard bearings
standard main bearing

set of liners and a crankshaft

P27,000 Total expenses.  This is not a joke.

Is there anyone of you there can offer a cheaper service?


Reasons for a Need of an Engine Overhaul-Toyota L Engine overhaul

Reasons why a Need for an Engine Overhaul

1.  Bluish white Smoke-this is sometimes called blue-gray-smoke.  It is a symptom that there is oil leakage and is being mixed in the combustion chamber.  Oil maybe passing through the valve, or through the head gasket.  It may also be through the worn piston rings or perforated sleeves.  The worst thing is the block has a crack but this is very rare. If this bluish white smoke appears it is necessary to have an overhaul.

What is to be done?
If you are sure of what the causes are especially if they are obvious it would be easier for you.  But if you are not sure you need the following to be done:  valve replacement, valve seat replacement, valve guide replacement, piston ring replacement, gasket replacement, and cylinder head resurface.

Hopefully, after administering all those parts replacements the issue should have been resolved.  If the issue remains you have the worst thing and that is an engine block replacement due to a crack.

It is, therefore, best if you bring your engine in a shop for overhaul let the engine block be inspected first to ensure you will not repeat the same task after everything has been done.

Possible Causes that Contributes to the Damages of Parts Mentioned Above

1. Oil Deficit-an often oil deficit in a long trip is definitely a cause to the damage of engine parts like block gasket, valves, valve seats, not so usual with valve guide or valve stem.
Lack of oil will cause engine overheating.

2.  Irregular or a Late Oil Change-this has something to do with oil viscosity.  If oil is already viscous before you change it adds to the high temperature of the engine.

3.  Lack of Coolant-this is why water as coolant is very important on every journey. Be sure to inspect your radiator if it has sufficient water. Lack of water causes engine overheating.

All of these oil deficit, irregular or a late oil change, and lack of coolant are causes of engine overheating that can melt the block gasket even the valves and valve seats.  It could even result in sleeve perforations and the worst thing the block cracking.

Why not attend to the symptoms and address it immediately than to wait and incur a four hundred times of expenses and much time spent.




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