Regular Car Maintenance

Regular inspection of the cooling system, change of engine oil to its proper level, and replacing other parts is called maintenance. Car maintenance should be a habit of a car owner and should be done regularly.  This is to prevent breakdowns and premature wares of moving parts in the engine.

Whether you like it or not both old and new cars need maintenance in order to have a long life and service efficiency.

Troubleshooting can normally apply more on old cars due to longer use and as time goes on parts deteriorate which give troubles along the way.  Comparing engines to human bodies, our bodies need care for nobody is invincible.  We only have different times when our body succumbs to wear.

So here are the tips that may help you do it yourself whenever you encounter any of the problems.

I.  How to Change Oil

II.  Cooling System

III.  Exhaust System

IV.  Valve Clearance

V.  Engine Power Failure Cause and Symptoms

VI. Smoking Car

VII.  How to check oil cooler defects

VIII.  Engine Starting Problems

IX. Engine Starts and Dies Possible Causes and Solutions


Please visit the page Car Maintenance and Troubleshooting for the details of the above services.



9 Replies to “Regular Car Maintenance”

  1. I think you should post DIY videos with this. It seems your pictures are broken and not loading. At least with a video we could follow your directions.

    Do you think you can do a post on how to change brake pads for this? Oil and pads are the two main things I need to do with my car!

  2. Hello and thanks for sharing car tune up maintenance and trouble shooting, this is a great post and the truth of the matter is that all of us want to know that are cars are in good working order and will not break down on us. Our cars are like our bodies, in order for our bodies to function at its best we need to take care of it and so it is with our cars. Your post is well detailed and filled with tons of great information.

    • Thanks Norman for visiting my site on Car Tune Up Maintenance and Troubleshooting. Yes, there is much to say about doing it but I do lack time to pour more on things: videos and photos. I hope I can do it in the comings days.

  3. Straight to the point without any BS – neat approach! Can’t stress how important regular oil changes are, honestly.

    You also mentioned the exhaust system – this is rarely discussed. Especially with all those after market exhaust systems plus the not-so-high quality fuels.

    I’m driving a Renault Laguna 2.0 dCi with 200.000km on it, do you think remapping it would be a bad idea?

  4. Hi, Jimmy. My car maintenance is handled by the service center, so I just send it every 3 months or every 10,000KM, whichever comes first. So I don’t know anything about maintaining cars myself so this is quite a useful post! Would be cooler if those tips from 1 – 10 came with links to their respective pages though for easier navigation! Great tips you have here!

    • Thank you, Cindy, for dropping by. I know the advantage of taking the car to the shop especially when it’s the company’s free service. Some are offering a lifetime service and it’s well and good. But for older cars not covered by those services are more often serviced by the car owners who can do the simple things.

      I think there’s a wisdom in your suggestion.  I hope you will come next time again and you will see that way and I hope it would be more helpful to other people.

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