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Remedies for Uneven Tire Wear

Remedies for uneven tire wear is our lesson for today.  In this discussion let us include the possible solutions that can be employed. Join me for a little while so we’ll learn together.

The uneven tire wear causes can be attributed to over speeding, under inflation, over inflation, incorrect toe, and an unbalanced wheel.  You can see the images in this post Tires and Wheels Safety Tips.

For this particular discussion let us zero in with the tire wear on the outside edge.  The video will show you the uneven wear of the front tire on the outside edge.  Please watch this video and observe the markings “〈 ” on the tire.  On the inside edge, the markings are still deep and clear, however, on the outside edge, the markings are nearly erased.

Since the wear is only on the outside edge and it is all around the tire this is a result of a camber.  We have to understand there are two camber applications, the positive and the negative.  The positive camber is illustrated below by the image.  The two front tires are leaning outside.


Remedies for Uneven Tire Wear-Positive camber


These front tires illustrate the negative camber.  They both lean on the inside opposed to the positive camber that tires lean on the outside.

Remedies for Uneven Tire Wear-Negative camber

The uneven tire wear resulting from camber adjustment must be the same for the two front tires but in this case, it is only on the right front tire.  If in the entire time and duration you own the car and nothing has been disassembled from your steering system you can be sure the problem like this can be addressed by the auto repair shop by little adjustments.  However, if your car has gone to mechanics for some repairs and after a period you observe this did not happen in the past years, you suspect that it is a result of an improper assembly of the steering system. Something might have been unconsciously misplaced during the repairs.

I have a video on how to solve this issue which we can reflect on.

The video showed the upper suspension arm where I inserted a spacer.  Why? It is to pull a little in the upper suspension arm where the tire is attached.

This slight sideways inclination of the front wheels of a motor vehicle on the inside adjusts the tire on the negative camber bringing a little weight to the inside edge of the tire.

Please watch the video on how I did it for this task.

The spacers I inserted is in between the upper suspension arm and the frame of the car body.

I hope this post helped you in a little way with regards to uneven tire wear, causes, and solutions for the fixes in your car.  Enjoy doing by yourself the little things that will also help you exercise and burn cholesterol. We’ll see you until the next post again.

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