Setting Toyota L Timing Marks . Toyota L Engine Guide

Setting Toyota L Timing Marks

This principle, setting Toyota L Timing Marks is through to all vehicles not only for Toyota. It is a very important step after you have done things like camshaft oil seal replacement wherein you have removed one of the gears and the timing belt.

Once you have removed the timing belt and some of the gears, there’s always a movement that changes the ignition timing which you have to set it to its proper place.

On the other post, you have visited like replacement of camshaft oil seal you will surely have the need of doing the setting of the timing marks because you have removed the timing belt before you can remove the camshaft gear.

Please take a look at the video below.


Timing marks can vary from different models and brands but the principle does not change.  They are marks that should be considered seriously when fixing your car.  Paying no attention to this and putting back all the parts will just be a waste of time.  Why?

You will and you will surely go back and fix that timing.  This is the power of your engine and the efficiency of your fuel.  No correct timing no power and no fuel efficiency or the worse thing your engine will not start.

Thank you to the inventors that thought of this guiding marks which will remind us that marks are not just in there but are indications that they possess and assume and perform roles in the engine power function that cannot be tolerated and brushed aside by a car owner when doing it yourself a car service.

As always being said when disassembling engine parts it is important to study all the placements of every part before you go on with your job.  Not only parts but even marks that you notice will surely have a certain function to be understood in the operation of the whole.


4 thoughts on “Setting Toyota L Timing Marks”

  1. Hello Jimmy
    Thank you for the simple and effective video on re timing the toyota L engine timing, it is very useful and easy to follow, I like the background music too.
    I am convinced that this procedure will become clear as day to all who seek this information on your website.

    All the best to your website’s future Jimmy, great work so far.


    • Thank you, Gary, for your visit. If there are any suggestions and information you can add, please come back and bring it in the comment box again. I hope this is clear enough as the day and help those who can read.

  2. Hi there
    Great informative post and thanks for sharing. I am a Toyota person myself for the last twenty years or so and I can really say that they are a very reliable car.
    I was’nt one for going under the hood or even servicing autos myself, so I am intrigued as how simple this important step is and also when it’s pointed out in the video, that really makes the job look so simple.
    I trust my own garage mechanic to do this task according to the book, as every time after servicing it runs so smoothly.
    Thanks again for the great post
    Cheers PB

    • Hi! Phil.  Good to hear from you that Toyota cars are reliable.  In fact here in the my country it’s the best selling car and many love it.

      I know you can pay your own mechanic and you rely on his capacity to do all the things for you and that’s one thing good when we have a trusted service men.  But it’s also a thrill to do something we don’t use to do, or if we don’t want to do but we know how it is done we can just instruct anybody to do it for us through our instructions.  So knowledge is power it can move anybody as we say it.

      Thank you for coming and dropping a comment.

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