Armature Gear Rebuild

Armature Gear Rebuild is possible and an option these days. If you can’t wait for a replacement because you badly needed your car you just go to the shop and let it be fixed.

Due to long use and the tear and wear of parts, this starter armature has reached the point that the gears that connect and turn the flywheel have been deformed. There are two options a car owner takes, it’s either to replace or to have it rebuilt.

Starter Armature Rebuild-Toyota L Starter


I opted for rebuilt because I believe it can serve equally and qualitatively. If you opt to buy this part prices ranges from 500 pesos and up. See armatures.

Starter Armature Rebuild-Toyota L Starter Armature

Starter Armature Rebuild-Toyota L Starter Armature

These days repair of auto parts is becoming the common choice due to the high prices of parts. Not only because of the price but also to the availability of the part you needed. When you go to the auto parts centers and none is available you have to order it and wait for months.

You needed very much your car and you can’t wait to have it fixed. The rebuilding of parts is no longer impossible this time.  There are lathe machines that can do it. As what they have done to this armature they build it up and run it to the machine for grinding and shaping.

For other armature parts like magnetic wire when it’s damaged due to accidental incidents there are shops that can do rewinding. This age is equipped with skills that attend to auto-owners’ needs encase themselves decide for repair rather than replacements.


Armature Function

The armature is a part of the starter that moves forward when electricity is applied. When it moves forward the shaft with gears fits the gears of the flywheel. As the armature continues to turn the flywheel turns until the engine is cranked and started. When the engine is running the armature must move backward and the engine goes on.

A detailed discussion on the parts and function of the armature is found in From Far A Day to Modern Day


Starter Armature Rebuild-armature rebuilt


If your option is for replacement try to see if what you are looking for is available here: Armature brand



7 thoughts on “Armature Gear Rebuild”

  1. Hi, I have been driving a Toyota for over 10 years now. I have driven a 1993 Toyota Camry which was an awesome car. Now I am currently Driving a 1999 Toyota Solara.

    I love Toyota. It is so reliable and hassle free. I have enough things going on in my life that I do not need any car problems. 

    These are great pics that show me everything I would need to see for the parts. Nice work with this article.  It sounds like you know your stuff. Thanks.

  2. Let me get this straight. A person doesn’t have to go out and buy a replacement piece for their car anymore? They can just have the part rebuilt? How does that work and getting it rebuilt will the part still perform like new? Is this with any part on the car? I’m not a car guy so I don’t know much about fixing and repairing cars.

    • Hi, Mahasin. The auto part rebuilt these days is an option. We have technology that can address this need if ever the car owner opts to do so. Not all parts of the automobile are available, sometimes you have to order it and wait for how many weeks or months. If you really need your car that could be too long to wait.

      We have Machine Shops now that can rebuild parts as good as the original. You can see a noticeable difference but it will do the work as the new part.

      So you can do this if ever you will encounter a problem in your car and parts are not available just look for a Machine Shop to rebuild it for you.

  3. Hi Jimmy. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information about amateur gear rebuild. Like you have said earlier, ordering for a replacement for these parts that have issues can be very expensive and it might even take quite a lot of time before one gets the part. Like you have recommended, there is no difference in function and efficiency between the new one or the one that was rebuilt… Nice!

    • I’m happy to hear that you have seen the benefit of going for an auto part rebuild when you really need your car. Of course, anyone wants a replacement but when you are out of the budget and none is available, it is a good option to have it rebuilt, it will serve the purpose and the need.

      Thank you for dropping a comment.

  4. Yeah! I know lathe machine before and I made use of it while I was in the Polytechnics. Great talents everywhere; rewinding the whole thing if the magnetic wire gets damaged one way or the other. Rebuilding the armature gear will save us some money and it will also save us time and inconveniences (as a result of our car not be repaired on time.

    • It pleased me to know that you’ve been in a lathe machine and you prove the validity of the message we want to deliver to our readers. I know you can certify that the rebuilt part will serve the purpose equally as the original.

      Thanks for dropping your comment. 


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