The How Oil Change . Toyota L Engine Guide

The How Oil Change

The How Oil Change is a guide on How to Change an Engine Oil.

Do You Do it Yourself?

If you have the tools do it by yourself. However, if you don’t have it’s much better to bring your car to the refilling station with change oil services.


What are the Tools you should have in changing engine oil?

1. A garage with level ground

You need a level ground to measure the engine. Correct measurement of engine oil is not underfilled and is not overfilled. You will not be able to have the correct measurement when the vehicle is not on level ground.

2. Air compressor

Air compressor helps you to bring out oil from the different parts of the engine. When changing the oil the old one must be completely removed through the air that lows them out.

3. The skill to do it

If this is your first time to do it yourself changing engine oil, you must have witnessed how they did it during the previous one or you may have read this guide on the internet. It’s not so complicated task and it’s easy to administer.



How to Change Engine Oil-engine oil


The standard for most of the cars is to change the oil every 5,000 kilometers or three months, whichever comes first or as often as possible depending on your driving habits and the road conditions.

Have it drained only just after a hard drive, at least 15 kilometers.  When the oil is hot and thin, sludge will not settle and harden at the bottom of the oil pan.  Or if you leave the car at a service station for a change later in the day, the cold sludge won’t flow out.

For more detailed reading, please read the Facts About Motor Oil.



4 thoughts on “The How Oil Change”

  1. This is a good tip to keep in mind. Eventually, I’d like to change my own oil, but for now I still take it to a shop to get it done. Once you drain the oil, don’t you have to get rid of it in a specific way, even maybe pay for it to be disposed properly? How does that work? Thanks for sharing!

    • You are right Jeremy. If we want not to be an anti-environment we have to have ways to dispose used oil safely. Secondly, removing oil inside the engine has to have the proper tools that the shop have like air-pressure that will push the oil from and between the different parts so it will be cleaner. Unless you have those tools.

      Thank you for leaving a comment I hope you come back and have another one for our readers to learn from.

  2. Excellent and to the point, knowing how/ when to change your oil is now part of your driving test in the UK. I’ll make sure my brother comes here to commit this to memory as it’s nice and easy to absorb the way it’s written here.


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