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Tires and Wheels Safety Tips

Tires and wheels safety tips are things that hold importance in the preservation of life to car users and owners.  Find guidance on the following tips:

One, Check tire pressure often.
Tires should be cool and the car should not have been driven for at least three hours.  Do not reduce pressure while tires are hot.

Tire pressure specified by the car maker is very important.

Tires that aren’t inflated to manufacturer’s specification will wear out faster than properly inflated tires.

Three, tires at maximum air pressure roll more easily than when at low.
But it is acceptable to add 3 to 5 pounds above the recommended pressure to each tire without exceeding 32 psi to increase tire life and gas mileage without affecting your car’s riding qualities.

Four, avoid under inflation.
Low pressure causes extreme flexing and causes excessive heat to build up which is one cause of tire failure.

Consult tire wear patterns for your specific problem.

Tires and Wheels Safety Tips-wears at shoulders

Tires and wheels safety tips-wear at the center


Tires and wheels safety tips-bald spots


Tires and wheels safety tips-cracked threads


Tires and wheels safety tips-feathered edge

Five, The alignment of the front wheels of your car should be checked at least once a year.
More often if you drive at high rates of speeds.  Improperly aligned wheels can ruin a set of new tires in a very short time.

Six, A wheel that is not balanced can cause sufficient vibration to affect steering and increase wear of the front suspension parts.
A wheel can be damaged in hitting a pothole when balancing weights fall off the rim.  Tire wear also affects balance.

Seven, One of the surest precautions for avoiding front tire blow-outs is having the best tires on the front.  A front tire blow-out is much more dangerous than rear tire blow-outs even though you have direct control of the front wheels.

Eight, Get familiar with the feel of your steering wheel while driving on balanced, properly inflated, good tires at maximum legal speeds.  Any different feel should be examined carefully.  It may be the wheels are not balanced.

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8 thoughts on “Tires and Wheels Safety Tips”

  1. I just got new tires for my car and I have been wondering how to keep them in good condition. That is a good idea to check the tire pressure often. I didn’t know I shouldn’t check the pressure while the tires are hot either. Thank you for the information!

    • Yes Deb, even me before I knew this I thought everything is all right to do. Nevertheless, we cannot avoid this thing to happen because of many causes. One thing that we should consider is to find the digital tire gauge than the analog tire gauge, it is more reliable and accurate. If you go to a vulcanizing shop for tire inflation because you do not have the choice along your way usually they use analog tire gauge. Surely you will be passing by a refilling station be sure to recheck with the digital tire gauge for the correct pressure.

  2. I like that you mention making sure the wheel is balanced. My brother is looking to buy XF off road rims but needs tips. I’ll be sure to talk to him about finding a seller who is selling balanced rims and wheels.

  3. I never knew that vibration in the car can be because of an unbalanced wheel. My younger brother just got his first car and is looking to hire good tire services. I think I will talk to him about paying attention to the amount of vibration to avoid further damage to his car.

    • Yes, Kyle tires can even give you the wrong notion that there is something in your engine if you are not an experienced car user. I will post my latest experience on an oblong tire which made me think that there is another problem and I will notify you to be abreast of it.

      Thank you for giving your comment here. I hope your brother will find a good tire service center.

  4. Thanks for this post. If we will avoid our car’s tire and wheel fitness undoubtedly our car will suffer and we have pay extra cost in future for its fitness. For optimum performance, tires must have the correct air pressure, tread depth, balance and the wheels of the vehicle should be properly aligned. Checking your tires on a regular period of time is an important step for your safety. If you drive over potholes and wreckage in the road, drive long distances regularly, then you should inspect your tires more often. For any kind of servicing and maintenance you can visit .

    • You are right Victoria, our aim is to have the proper care of our vehicle and tires are very important to give attention to. Safety is number one concern and the maximization of tire service the second to be free from unnecessary expenses due to immature tire wear.


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