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Toyota L Engine Overheating Resolved

It was a shocking experience about overheating engine when it was not really overheating before it was overhauled. It was a sudden additional situation which we addressed after trying to solve the issue of weak power. The story is this:

We overhauled the engine because it came to a stage that it emits thick white smoke and it does not have the power. Other than that is because oil and water are mixing in the radiator. But in addressing that issue another problem came up when we test drive, it was overheating reaching 180 degrees Fahrenheit (°F).  That is already near to the boiling point of water which is 212.  That 180 degrees Fahrenheit (°F) should be the temperature when fully loaded and you climb uphills and the temperature of the day is really hot.

When the temperature reaches that point all moving parts inside the engine starting from the piston will stop to move because they are stuck due to the heat.  Meaning, the oil and the water or coolant are no longer capable of providing the proper lubrication for the engine to work smoothly.

The Radiator Overhaul

Toyota L Engine Overheating Resolved-Radiator

In our, analysis there would be no other source of the overheating problem other than the cooling system.  The oil is working properly as seen in the oil gauge so it must be the radiator.

I had to bring this to the shop for overhauling. 

Toyota L Engine Overheating Resolved-Radiator shop

The usual overhauling of a radiator is detaching the top cover to clean the core tubes by rubbing the core tubes with a thin deep stick. However, if there is clogging that cannot be pricked they will just leave that clogged.

So what we did is to remove both the top and bottom covers. Here is the picture below.

So we found out that there were several core tubes clogged. Aside from that, there was a perforation where the water leaks. We did the cleaning and fixing. But as you see after it has been assembled there are perforations on some of the core tubes so it has to be soldered.

The overhauling has been over the usual fixing that is only the top cover.  This time both the top and the bottom covers were removed and the clogged core tubes were cleaned thoroughly which is much better than the prior condition.

We have fixed it by maybe four times testing it with water if there no leaks.  After proving that it’s already free from any defects I took it to the vehicle and attached it to its proper place.

We test drive it and the issue of overheating has already been solved.  Thanks for a job well done by the repairman for both the engine and the radiator.

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