Toyota L Engine-Weak Power Resolved

Too weak, and overheating after it has been overhauled. It ‘s unbelievable. When your engine is pretty working when it was not yet overhauled you will wonder why and you may blame the mechanic for such condition.  It should work efficiently because it was newly overhauled.

This newly overhauled Toyota L Engine displayed a weak power when it was road-tested. Whatever you do with the timing either you advance it or retard it, it does not make any change in the power. The engine nearly cannot pull its body on an elevated road.

The technician believes everything is in its proper place and the issue has nothing to do with the overhauling. He rather recommended that the injection pump is calibrated.

What is Injection Pump Calibration?

Injection Pump Calibration is overhauling that includes replacement of O-rings, oil seals, cleaning and testing with a machine if the injection pump functions accurately or not.

Toyota L Engine-Weak Power Resolved-Injection Pump

This is an additional expense for it is not easy when you don’t have the budget. The cost is two thousand seven hundred pesos (P2,700.00). Please read related information on Injection Pump Calibration.

The injection pump was brought to the Calibration Center, disassembled and cleaned.

Toyota L Engine-Weak Power Resolved-Injection Pump Parts


And then assembled and put to the test machine.  Now, we don’t know what would have been the defect of the injection pump since it was disassembled without the test first.  If it would have been tested before it was disassembled maybe we have known if it is clogged or any of the adjusting screws have been meddled in by a mechanic in the previous years.

Toyota L Engine-Weak Power Resolved-Calibrated Injection Pump

The purpose of the calibration now is all specks of dirt that have been sucked from the fuel are to be removed and to return the function of all parts in the normal way.

Calibration on YouTube

All tests have been done and the injection pump was hopefully in good condition. Back to the engine and the pump was attached.  After everything had been placed, the engine was started.

Noticeably, the engine is now quieter, less smoke and the engine’s power was restored.  It was a grueling task but it’s worthy to have been done. No issue on the overhauling but it’s outside the engine, it’s the fuel injection pump.

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6 thoughts on “Toyota L Engine-Weak Power Resolved”

  1. Thanks Accad, for this interesting and useful information.
    And finally, I found one solution for my Toyota. Your words are correct, that my car has the same problem, weak power, noisy, and many smoke. Maybe, I will also try to do the injection pump calibration on my car as you suggested.
    By the way, how much this calibration will cost?
    And one more thing, if the engine noise is noisy and the acceleration is slow, can this calibration benefit?

    • Thanks, Asmadi. Your problem with acceleration will surely be solved by having the injection pump calibrated. In my location, it costs almost three thousand pesos but that only involves calibration.  When the mechanics will be the one to take out the injection pump from the engine and put it back after calibration that will be another cost.

      With regard to the noise of the engine, it could also be related to the valve clearance. However, the injection pump has something to do with it also. With thick smoke, it can be from different issues. If the injection pump calibration will not solve it, it can be a change of the piston rings or sleeves or both.

  2. Overheating the engine and weak power in a car can be quite frustrating. Then additional expenses to fix the problem can be overwhelming.

    It is good that calibrating the injection pump-replacement of O-rings, oil seals, cleaning and testing with a machine if the injection pump functions accurately or not worked to fix this major problem.

    It is a big learning for the people visiting this site.

    • Thanks, Anusuya. Working with engines is really a challenging one. Every issue leads to the other until you fix it and sometimes by discovery. But it’s an enjoying venture.

  3. Hey Accad, Thank you for writing on Toyota L Engine-Weak Power Resolved. Your guide on Toyota L Engine is awesome and I enjoyed while reading. You are doing awesome work for Toyota lovers. Noticeably, the engine is now quieter, less smoke and the engine’s power was restored. Thank you for sharing such a grate knowledge.

    • Hi! Parveen. Thank you for enjoying reading and dropping a comment. It is such a pleasure to share this knowledge with everyone. I hope they find it valuable.


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