Toyota L Replacing Crankshaft Oil Seal . Toyota L Engine Guide

Crankshaft Oil Seal Replacement-Toyota L

Today we will do the Toyota L replacing the crankshaft oil seal. This is a continuation of what we have done last time, the replacement of camshaft oil seal.

The Crankshaft
Toyota L Replacing Crankshaft Oil Seal


Tools that you need to administer the task of crankshaft oil replacement:

  • 10mm socket to remove the nuts from the pulley
My Dream Wheels socket Image
10mm socket to remove the engine cover nuts


  • puller 1
Used to pull the crankshaft sprocket


  • Puller 2
Puller used to remove the crankshaft sprocket after using the first one


  • 19mm socket or close wrench for the disassembly of crankshaft bolt.
19mm Socket
Used to remove the crankshaft bolt


  • new crankshaft oil seal for the replacement of the leaking one
Crankshaft oil seal
The replaced and the new one


  • Other tools you will use to remove all other parts
Flat screwdriver
Screwdriver used to loosen the clamps of the radiator


Here are the videos according to the sequence below to show you how the task is done.
1.  Removing the crankshaft sprocket using the first puller
 then the second puller

2. The crankshaft sprocket has been removed so the oil seal has to be replaced
3. Assembling the parts

Now when you assemble it, remember to be sure the timing is of utmost consideration.  If you forget it you will have your work repeated and it’s a waste of time.  So here is how you will set the timing marks together with the timing belt shown in a video.

Setting timing marks and timing belt

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