Toyota L Valve Clearance

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We believe proper valve clearance adjustment sets the engine’s power and fuel efficiency of your car. 

Please watch the video below illustrating the procedure in setting Toyota L engine valve clearance. 

What are the things to keep in mind in administering proper valve clearance?

  • it enhances proper combustion
  • it boosts fuel efficiency
  • it enhances the engine power
  • it prevents premature wears of valves, valve seats.

From the first to the fourth considerations are interrelated and results of the other.  Why? Because proper valve clearance permits the proper mixture of air and fuel for combustion.  When fuel is properly burned there is power in the engine.  The engine, therefore, emits lesser harmful carbon dioxide and that is more friendly to the environment.

In the proper fittings of parts through valve clearance, it prevents premature wear because the pressure and force exerted on the moving parts such as intake and exhaust valves against the valve seats are measured and that would last a long time.

If the clearance between the valves and valve seats are too thin there will be a small amount of air and fuel to be supplied to the chamber and it lacks what is needed for each piston to compress.  On the exhaust valves, a thin clearance will not allow all burned fuel to be exhausted.

On the other hand, when the gap is too wide between valves and valve seats the tendency is that the fuel will not be properly burned to due to overexposure.  Meaning the combustion chamber is not well sealed this is both the intake and exhaust valves.  This might even allow the fire to be exhausted and cause overheating.

Overheating can result from both improper valve clearance and when not attended to will give another problem.

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