Toyota L Valve Clearance Adjustment

Valve Clearance adjustment for Toyota L set to .015 inches (.38mm) for exhaust and (.27mm) for intake. I drove this car to test for about 100 kilometers and it’s pretty good in its performance. I did not see the temperature has something alarming.    It’s cool.

This old car is still working properly.  According to Wikipedia,  It is the first diesel engine from Toyota to use a rubber timing belt in conjunction with a SOHC head.

Engines like 2L-II and 2L-T are still in production to the present day. Vehicles with the diesel engine were exclusive to Toyota Japan dealership locations called Toyota Diesel Store locations until the sales channel was disbanded in 1988.

So here I posted this as a product of my discovery.  A discovery not based on theory only but from direct experience to help others who own the same model and will be able to guide others with the same principle that can be applied to their own cars.


How to Adjust Valve Clearance

Watch the video on the link below:

 Valve Clearance Adjustment

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