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Toyota L Valve Wrong Setting

On this topic, Toyota L Valve Wrong Setting, there are two things I would like to share with you this time.  First, the wrong valve clearance.  Second, setting the valve clearance in the wrong way.

We have to understand that the exhaust valve and the intake valve are different in sizes and that gives us hint that we are to set valve clearances in different measurements.


Toyota L Intake Valve
Exhaust valve
Toyota L Exhaust Valve
Intake valve


As you can see it here on the cylinder head the bigger valve head paralleled to the Exhaust Manifolds are the exhaust valves and the smaller valve heads in between the exhaust Manifolds are the intake valves.


So here are the two wrong things that we have to avoid when we set the gaps for Toyota L.

First Wrong

I’ve known three mechanics with different orientations in setting the valve clearance and I believe them all at first.  But I have to know who of them is saying the truth by having my car as the specimen.

Two of them said both the valve gaps or clearance for the intake and the exhaust are the same.  To prove the validity of the statements I’ve let the valves adjusted with that way.  After it has been set I drove my vehicle from around forty kilometers and there I sensed the gap adjustment is not correct.  The gap was .305mm or .012 inches and I was annoyed when I was driving.  Every time I accelerate the engine noise was much louder and it does not have the power to pull its body weight including the passengers in it.  In fact, I pitied the engine for as if I am the one suffering the heavy load. So I’ve proven that the two mechanics were wrong in their stock knowledge in Toyota L valve clearance gap.

Second wrong

This thing is the how to do valve gap. Again the two say that valve gapping is taken in between the rocker arm and valve tip.  The video below will show you the wrong procedure to do valve gapping in between the rocker arm and valve tip.


In Toyota L engine it is right and proper when the valve clearance is taken in between the rocker arm and the camshaft. In the video below you will see the right way in valve gapping or setting valve clearance for this particular engine.

After we have watched the videos we have identified which is wrong and right, the improper and the proper.  It is up to you to do the right thing and test it by yourself.  I’m sure you will not be sorry for doing it.

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  1. Hello Accad,

    Thanks for sharing your website! I was actually doing some research on google and stumbled upon your website.

    The content provided is very clear and easy to navigate. I was actually doing some research on google and stumbled upon your website.

    My friend has a 1998 Toyota corolla that is still running fairly strong, but there will always be minor issues for being such an old car.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with me and I will most definitely relay this website to my friend to check it out as well!

    Kind Regards,

    1. Hi! Eric. I hope you have found helpful tips here and you will share it as you said to your friend.  Good to know your friend uses Toyota Corolla, I’m sure he can pick some help here if he is willing to do it by himself.

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