Why Engine Starts and Dies . Toyota L Engine Guide

Why Engine Starts and Dies

Why engine starts and dies?  Don’t you worry, possible causes and solutions are still available, you will never run out of ways to solve any issue that come your way.

The engine starts and dies, it could be caused by the 8 issues below.  The following steps are tested and are principles applicable more to older cars but could be also to the new ones.

1.  Idle speed set too low.
2.  Idle mixture incorrect.
3.  Flooding.
4.  Insufficient fuel in the carburetor.
5.  Dirt in the fuel line or carb.
6.  Carburetor base or manifold gasket leaks.
7.  Wrong polarity in the coil.
8.  No current going to the shutoff valve (this is for diesel engine)

Here are ways you can solve the problem
1.  Adjust the idle speed (refer to your manual for proper adjustment).
2.  Adjust idle mixture (see manual for proper adjustment)
3.  Correct carburetor needle and float (see manual).

Carburetor flooding produces a strong gas odor under the hood.  So if you smell gas, you probably can eliminate that possibility.

4.  Adjust float level.
5.  Do step 7 on “Engine does not start”.
6.  Tighten carburetor bolts and manifold bolts.
7.  Test coil polarity.
8.  Check if there’s current going to the shutoff valve.



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