You Need Not Overhaul Transmission-Problematic Shifting

At first, I noticed the first gear is so stiff to engage but I ignored it for quite a long time.  Then comes the next the fourth gear became so obvious. Then after how many weeks the shifting is so abnormal that engaging the first gear goes to the third gear and from first gear to the second gear it shifts to the fourth gear. The position is normal and you feel it engages until when you press the acceleration that you will notice it’s not on the desired gear to engage with. I’m so sad about this thing because I was thinking that there will be no other way to fix the problem rather than to overhaul the transmission and that is quite a hard task and a lot of money for the expenses of a mechanic and the parts to be replaced. So I called on the mechanic that I will be seeing him for consultation.  He, however, is in the province for a vacation and they will be coming back home that week.  So for the meantime, I was curious to see what I can do out on the issue at hand. By removing the shift booth, I inspected the shifting handle, and I saw all the screws are all in place.  Nevertheless, I removed the screws to see what may be defective of the shifting handle. I saw the perforations and I thought I found the problem to be addressed, it’s the shifting handle.



Two Things to Fix on this Issue The shift handle and the shift handle tip bushing. Please refer to the image below.

You Need Not Overhaul Transmission-Problematic Shifting-Defective Shifting Handle You Need Not Overhaul Transmission-Problematic Shifting-Perforated Shifting Handle Bushing


I brought that thing to the auto supply center to buy for a new one. But the salesman said the shifting handle is not the problem.  It’s not even the obvious perforations on it, instead, he brought out a plastic to be placed over the tip of the shifting handle and that will resolve everything.

You Need Not Overhaul Transmission-Problematic Shifting-Shifting Handle Bushing

You Need Not Overhaul Transmission-Problematic Shifting-Shifting Handle Bushing


Shift Handle Bushing           So I was so happy to know that the salesman is knowledgeable.  I do not need to replace the shifting handle I do not need a mechanic to overhaul the transmission to see the mechanical defects inside the shifting system.  I only need a small plastic, in other words, the shifting handle tip bushing which is just worth 40 pesos in our currency and I can drive again my vehicle normally.

You Need Not Overhaul Transmission-Problematic Shifting-with Shifting Handle Bushing

Shift Handle


Before I can see my friend mechanic I consulted another mechanic and he said that the shifting handle should be replaced.  Who is more knowledgeable, the mechanic or the salesman? If I was not curious enough to work and to discover what is really the cause of the problem, surely, I would not be saved from a thousand pesos for a mechanical fee and for unnecessary part replacement. However, I took the initiative and took the thing to the Machine Shop for restoration. If I decided to buy a new shifting handle it would cost from three to four thousand pesos and that is too much for me. In the Machine Shop, almost everything has a solution.  They know what to do and they will tell you if they cannot restore a thing. For the restoration of the shift handle, it cost me three hundred pesos only.

You Need Not Overhaul Transmission-Problematic Shifting-Restored Shifting Handle You Need Not Overhaul Transmission-Problematic Shifting-New Shifting Handle Bushing


Sometimes we need the guts to learn and be free from the time and budget burdens. However, if you have replaced that bushing and it will not stay long and be perforated again it will lead you to examine other related matters. What idea can you share with our readers?  Please don’t hesitate to discuss it here, your experience might be a great help to others.

4 thoughts on “You Need Not Overhaul Transmission-Problematic Shifting”

  1. Hello,
    I’m so glad you found your issue was not so serious and could be fixed for a lot less than what you thought it would cost. I’ve learned a lot over the years and the #1 thing is that sometimes it’s an easier and less expensive fix than it appears.
    I once needed a headlight bulb replaced not long ago, The headlight that was needing replacing was on the drivers side which seemed to cause a big issue in the mechanic shop’s world. They wanted to charge me $150 US money to replace the bulb because it required a lot of labor just to get to it!
    I refused to pay $150 for 1 headlight bulb! I decided to go to YouTube. If you don’t know, YouTube it and most likely you’ll find something there to help you and now that I found this site, here is a good place too.
    I found a step by step video from a man who had been in the same situation and had to learn the hard way.
    It was pretty simple! The bulb was pretty pricey, but it is an LED bulb. I think it was close to $30 US money. That’s far better than $150!!
    We live, we learn, and we hope to make the best decisions. Even I as a woman, was willing to find a less expensive avenue to explore.
    I do have a situation though, maybe you can help…
    I have a 2013 Hyundai Elantra Coupe. The port where you plug in your GPS or Phone charger and the USB plugin fuse is bad. I replaced the fuses more than once and BAM! out again! What do you think is blowing the fuses? It’s driving me crazy! LOL Maybe you can find some clue out there that I haven’t found yet. It’s very aggravating.
    Thanks for your honesty!

    • Hi, Devara. Thank you so much for dropping a comment and affirming the fact that not all the time other people can help us. We learn things that they are easy after we have seen how they were fixed and for the second time we can do it by ourselves. So you did it with your car.

      In your case, electrical issues are quite difficult to determine. That melting of fuse can be a complicated one. But I would advice you to let the alternator checked it might be overcharging the battery and the battery over-supplying the lines. If the alternator is working good then there might be short-circuited lines that must be checked and you have to spend time in identifying which and where.

  2. Thanks for the quick response!! I have the perfect person to check these issues out. I will go that route before I spend too much money paying someone to fix it. Thanks for your honesty.
    Best of luck to you,


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